Month: May 2009

Jungian Psychology

Article by Noel Eastwood: When I read Stephen Arroyo’s Astrology, Karma and Transformation I immediately became hooked on psychological astrology.

Astrology: Liar, Liar Pants on Fire

LIARS, FIBBERS, CHEATERS, and downright twisters of the truth, how can these traits be seen astrologically in the natal chart.

Moon in Pisces: You Rang

Spiritual Astrology by Jan Spiller and Karen McCoy has a Moon in Pisces description for a past life and it

Jupiter, Chiron, Neptune: Another Dose

The general flavour of the conjunction has had me questioning its relation to current events. Here in the UK, we

America: Mercury-Pluto

Nostradamus: The Millennium and Beyond by Liz Greene offers astrological views of different countries and world events through the translations of

Steven Forrest/Mars in Aquarius

Mars in Aquarius in 3rd House The third house represents our communication and ability to express ourselves, short journeys, siblings,

The Astrology of Unusual Accidents

I thought it would be interesting to analyze the charts of people killed in the most unusual accidents. It involves