Composite Sun in 8th House

composite sun in 8th house

The Composite Sun shows the core meaning of the relationship, and where we can feel centred and focused. Comparable to a natal chart the relationship also works through the Ascendant in the chart. The energy of the whole composite will pass through this point before it is expressed out into the environment. 

The composite Sun in the 8th house shows a private couple behind closed doors, and there are deeper depths at work than what appears on the face of the relationship.

Liz Greene says that an 8th or 12th house composite could be involved in a relationship that is secret. She doesn’t explore it in any depth, but I would think the reasons for a secretive relationship could vary. Perhaps, it is due to racial, religious or social class or something deeper at work going on with this couple. It could even be an affair with someone who is already in a steady committed relationship.

Composite Sun in the 8th House

  • A composite Sun in the 8th house could also be a Romeo and Juliet type of relationship. The couple has to keep their partnership a secret for the exposure could create hate and conflict between both families.
  • The survival issue is a powerful theme with this couple, and they might feel there is something “wrong” with them being together or they carry guilt and shame over their hidden affairs.
  • The emotional turmoil created by these situations can create a deeper closeness in the relationship. Alternatively, they could rip each other to shreds when the pressure becomes too much! Problems in the bond will at some point be laid out on the table and talked through honestly before the relationship can prosper and grow.
  • Betrayal is another issue that could enter into the picture along with the fear of abandonment, jealousy, and possessiveness. Abuse and other taboo issues could come forth, and generally this placement is a hotbed of intensity. An 8th house composite Sun will work subtly and is not always evident on the surface.

Intense Mystery

Some couples may share an interest in the mysteries of life together, or share a business. At some point, the intensity can explode – in an all out verbal confrontation, and it could get quite nasty. Honesty can be a good thing and you can build the relationship of true emotional depths, Knowing all the feelings, past, thoughts, and actions could prove too much. All that has been hidden, buried, kept secret will surface in an ugly way. A lot of it could be avoided if both partners are honest which each other from the start. There can be many moments in deep silence because the issues are too painful to confront. With this composite Sun in the 8th house of the chart, the relationship can evolve when both partners share in the deep emotional bond between them, and confront problems with great emotional honesty.

Enter the eighth house composite Sun: the soul-nakedness is the essence of the process these two have triggered between themselves. They’ll pay a price in terms of psychological effort, humility, and sheer emotional exhaustion sometimes. And they’ll get what they pay for in intensity, sustainable passion, true closeness, and a sense of having hit the bottom on evolutionary warp drive. Skymates 2: The Composite Chart