The Reactionary Moon: Creatures of Habit

The Moon is how we respond to life, and it’s often ingrained in our natures. Under the unconscious (Moon) we do things automatically, everything we have learned is stored away and remembered from walking, talking, all the way to driving. It’s about knowing how to do something without having to think about it. Without the Moon we would have to keep re-learning things all the time. It’s like when we first learn something new, at first it’s frustrating because we have to keep repeating it until it finally clicks and stays there. Afterwards, we do it with ease and instinctively and in such an automatic manner that we feel we have always been able to do it for eternity. It’s certainly something to think about, when we can’t seem to break a habit. It is a well-known fact that if we repeat something long enough it becomes habitual.

The Moon does not energize the bodies with which it is in contact as the Sun does, yet a lunar contact adds much to the importance of the body contacted and affects its values in lunar terms. Nothing outside of you can ever make you feel anything. Those emotions: anger, frustration, upset, live inside you. You make yourself the victim to those around you by the way you respond to stuff. Under challenges, the Moon affects the moral nature according to the nature of the stress, Mars distorting the physical instincts, while Saturn narrows and hardens and so forth.
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The Moon rules your emotions, feelings, responses and habits. It is extremely important in your birth chart, often overshadowing the Sun, especially in childhood when you have not yet learnt to control your emotions. Your emotional side can sometimes discombobulate you. They know first how to catch you off guard if you’re not centered (Sun). This is where your native tongue is intuition, that invisible unspoken language that peers into the poetry of things, a mode of sensing and knowing that moves you more than any analysis or most words. You are born with a colorful pallet of emotions, it’s your emotional reactions which often lead to drama and negative consequences for those involved.

Too much Moon and there is a purely matriarchal consciousness dispensing with the value of the individual, giving absolute importance to family and to tribe, justifying the impression or destruction of the individual self-expression if the security of the group is threatened. There are no ethics or principles in this domain. All is justified by instinctual needs and preservation. The Luminaries: The Psychology of the Sun and Moon in the Horoscope (Seminars in Psychological Astrology)

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