Creatures of Habit

By | July 10, 2009
moon  astrology Creatures of Habit

The Moon is how we respond to life, and it’s often ingrained in our natures. Under the unconscious (Moon) we do things automatically, everything we have learned is stored away and remembered from walking, talking, all the way to driving. It’s about knowing how to do something without having to think about it. Without the Moon we would have to keep re-learning things all the time. It’s like when we first learn something new, at first it’s frustrating because we have to keep repeating it until it finally clicks and stays there. Afterwards, we do it with ease and instinctively and in such an automatic manner that we feel we have always been able to do it for eternity

Some people are born with natural gifts and skills, and they will pick up certain subjects with ease. Looking at the Moon from this perspective, it is easier to understand why we fall into the lunar habits that we do. It’s something to think about, when we can’t seem to break a habit. It is a well known fact that if we repeat something long enough it becomes habitual.