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Palmistry and Astrology

Here is a look at Palmistry and Astrology. I used to have books on this subject, but I couldn’t read the lines on my hand at all. I am also really bad at Tarot reading and I just scrape by on Astrology. I tend to read a lot of occult type of books, and I have an open mind to new subjects. Other astrologers have warned that a natal Mercury square Neptune aspect (which I have natally), should not to delve into spiritual topics.¬†This aspect is an easy target for deception, and mis-information, and they can be gullible and easily confused. I understand there are individuals with Mercury-Neptune who might lean on spiritual practices as a way of escaping reality, and to find something more spiritual to focus their minds upon. According to James Braha on Mercury square Neptune in his book – How to be a Great Astrologer:

The person is metaphysically-orientated and open to the occult. He believes in astrology, the psychic world, and all phenomena of non physical reality. His greatest task in life is learning how to communicate clearly and effectively. How to Be a Great Astrologer: The Planetary Aspects Explained

In palmistry, the planets were used to represent certain parts of the hand: Mercury the little finger; the Sun, the ring finger; Saturn, the middle finger; Jupiter, the index finger; Mars, the centre of the palm; Venus, the root of the thumb; and the Moon, the lower mound of the hand. The elements were utilized in certain systems of hand reading, and some palmistry books refer to the water hand, earth hand, fire hand and air hand. The same astrological principles apply to the type of hand in the user and the water hand would indicate somebody who is highly sensitive, emotional, deep and an air hand would indicate someone who was intellectual or who liked to socialize.