Day: September 1, 2009

Venus in Aries

Venus in Aries seeks the ongoing challenge of relationship and enjoys competition in love. Venus is represented as the force

Venus in Taurus

A person born with Venus in Taurus seeks relationships that endure the test of time, with endless patience and unwavering

Venus in Gemini

Those with Venus in GEMINI love in a light hearted way and have a lovely sparkling quality about them. The

Venus in Cancer

Any person with Venus in CANCER seeks relationships which provide a sense of emotional belonging, kindness, and sympathy. The expression

Venus in Leo

A person born with Venus in Leo seeks relationships that embody romance, drama, and generosity. The emotional life is colorful

Venus in Virgo

Venus here is quietly devoted and faithful to loved ones.  The person is more comfortable showing their love by doing

Venus in Libra

Venus in Libra possesses a natural sense of beauty and harmony, which is expressed in social or artistic ways. This

Venus in Scorpio

With Venus in Scorpio, you need relationships which provide emotional depth, intensity and the potential for transformation. Venus here cannot

Venus in Sagittarius

A person with Venus in Sagittarius seeks a relationship which expands consciousness and they feel happiest with a fun loving

Venus in Capricorn

Any person with Venus in Capricorn seeks relationships which provide a stable structure and enhances the social or professional standing.