You Tube Lauren Luke: Makeup Artist

I have been dying to get this young woman’s birth date for months, most people know she is famous on You Tube for her down to earth make up classes. Lauren’s Internet demos have been viewed 50 million times and have turned her into an Internet star. Lauren was bullied at school, and was left with no qualifications, and at aged 15 she was pregnant. Lauren’s life has had a complete turnaround, she now has her own makeup range and has published her life story. What is wonderful about this internet star is that she is approachable and friendly but she is a great teacher (Sun conjunct Mercury in Sagittarius). All her tutorials are unscripted, and unrehearsed. Lauren said “In a way, I suppose I ‘m taking on the beauty industry”. I am so happy to have her chart today and the first thing I noticed is her powerful Venus in Capricorn at the critical 29th degree. She doesn’t have an easily aspected Venus, it is squared by Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto.

Venus is the planet that rules beauty, looking good and makeup. Venus in Capricorn is building a little business empire, and she values hard work and ambition. Even though her style is down to earth and  practical she also possesses a professional flair. Venus square Saturn is a wider aspect and indicates that she can feel unsure of her own beauty and she can build defences around herself, however, she is an authority in the world of beauty and she is climbing the social ladder. There is an urge here for social advancement with Venus square to Jupiter, and it can represent large social gatherings – and with Venus square Pluto she has the power to transform and regenerate old looks. These types are great charmers and they are skilled at knowing what will please others. There is a strong awareness that beauty is power and the capacity to transform  the appearance of themselves and others can lead to an interest in the beauty industries. Her Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Libra contacting Venus is a powerful force to be reckoned with. Saturn rules structure and old forms and Pluto tears down old structures and builds up a new beauty industry, her own little empire is forming. She is a Sagittarian the sign of expansion and growth and she intuited quite cleverly how to market herself on the Internet. Well done Lauren, you can’t help but like this girl.

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