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tumblr_ngg9g8GYQc1u0apd7o1_500The Souls Evolution through Relationships is a highly fascinating book, and it contains many revelations and interesting concepts. Those familiar with Jeff Greens work will know he is an evolutionary astrologer. If you are not sure what this means, here are the seven laws to follow to be a practitioner in the kind of astrology which is based on former lives.

1. An acceptance of the fact that human beings incarnate in a succession of lifetimes.

2. An acceptance of the fact that the birth chart reflects the evolutionary condition of the soul at the moment of incarnation.

3. An acceptance of the fact that the birth chart reflects the evolutionary intentions of the soul for the present life.

4. An acceptance of the fact that the circumstances of the present life, both materially and psychologically, do not arise randomly, but rather reflect the evolutionary intentions and necessities of the soul.

5. An acceptance of the fact that human beings interact creatively and unpredictably with their birth charts; that all astrological symbols are multi-dimensional and are modulated into material and psychic expression by the consciousness of the individual.

6. An acceptance of the fact that human beings are responsible for the realities they experience, both internally and externally.

7. A respectful intention to accept and support a person seeking astrological help, no matter the evolutionary state the individual finds himself or herself.

Evolutionary astrology, therefore, quite clearly, adheres to acceptance of the fact statements. Even though I do agree with most of the ideas behind them. It feels, nonetheless, like those type of pledges you make before joining a particular group or cult. Jeff Green’s work in regard to relationships stems from the belief that we have shared other lifetimes with our partners. The methods to understand any relationship’s destiny is outlined in the composite chart  and you do this by delineating the composite Pluto and nodes. The astrological principles are explained fully in Jeff Green’s former book: Pluto The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul. Pluto’s composite house placement is where the relationship left off in the last lifetime. The same relationship dynamics would be happening in this life because this is how you both have interacted before. The South Node is used in conjunction with Pluto’s composite position. The evolutionary journey of the relationship is shown by composite Pluto’s opposite house and the North Node.

In Evolutionary Astrology, Pluto reflects evolution on every level:

There are two primary ways that evolution occurs, and these are reflected in how the soul also evolves. These two ways of evolving can be called Cataclysmic and Uniform. Cataclysmic evolution is based on a very intense event that leads to and creates metamorphic change – a rapid acceleration of evolutionary needs. In nature, this can be an earthquake, volcanic eruption, destructive storm etc. For human beings, this can be things like the sudden unexpected loss of a loved one, violations of trust that lead to loss of social position or power (such as the forced resignation of Nixon via the Watergate episode), the experience of rape or any type of sexual violation, and cataclysmic physical trauma such as AIDS, cancer, etc.

The work is fascinating, but a lot of the past life indications can’t be proven. You have to take into consideration the couple’s spiritual state and read it differently for each relationship. This is not a book I would recommend for beginners, and it can get complicated. Pluto: The Soul’s Evolution Through Relationships, Volume 2