Chiron in Libra

By | July 4, 2010

Chiron in Libra may bring wounding, a sense of unfairness and disappointment in relationships. Barbara Hand Clow says these people need plenty of feedback from others to get in touch with themselves. The author also says that one of the major lessons they learn is to tell what is fair and just. The concepts of balance and harmony are particularly challenging. The individual may become highly skilled in diplomacy, legal work or counselling. However, the wound that the world is unjust still remains, and the reality of human nature never matches up to their ideals.

The family background may reflect wounds in the area of relating. Bridging opposites and achieving a balanced, clear viewpoint can lead to disillusionment. The wound appears through trying to make everything perfect. A sense of unfairness is pronounced with this placement. They may rage when they see people being selfish and treating others unequally. Moreover, they may also feel some kind of rejection related to relationships and social interactions. Usually, they need to understand what relationships can teach and have a compassionate response to ordinary human failings.

Chiron in Libra might feel inadequate in the social sphere and perhaps early childhood placed too much emphasis on maintaining the appearance of harmony. In adulthood, they wish you could cure the world of its darkness and live within a society that is ethical, and one that shares responsibility. Acceptance of flawed human beings and a flawed society would go a long way to healing the wound.

Idealistic concepts are lovely, but they do not always work in the reality of a situation. Imperfection creates dissatisfaction and it is painful to see society trapped in greed and self-centeredness and trying to heal this situation will feel hopeless and fill them with bitterness. All they want is civilised interchange. They might not fit the “ideal” relationship and may feel this is a deeply wounding situation.

Maybe it is the relationship itself that does not fit the ideal and it may feel isolated and shut off. They might help others heal their wounds and achieve transformation through understanding the pain of social rejection, injustice and unethical actions, because, on some level, they have been there too.