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With this position, personal desires are expressed carefully and there is little risk taking. The person prefers to act with discretion and take action in a service oriented way. Assertiveness and feeling empowered come through doing a job well. Anger arises when everything is not in order because Mars in the sign of Virgo will actively do things with thoroughness and precision. There is a tendency to over-work with this placement and then irritability and annoyance can rise to the surface.

Strength comes when the person uses this energy well without wasting time on pointless tasks. Although, do try to focus on being helpful rather than critical. Bad service is another thing that gets on their nerves and the type will take action by doing it themselves. Arguments at work may also be evident and the person can accuse others of not doing their job properly. At work, he/she is very particular and will do things in the correct way, but they tend to be hyper-rational and can be cutting in their assessments of others abilities and potential.

Mars in Virgo is not one to flap about helpless if something needs to be done. However, sometimes they don’t ask for the things much deserved. Moreover, the person is passionate about facts and may aggressively assert that he/she is right all the time. Still, the person can help others straighten out their lives and show them how to take the appropriate action. The ability to do routines repetitively and with efficiency is also pronounced. Virgo tends to contain Mars’ energy, but the type works hard for everything and often need a sports outlet to release any nervous and high-strung energy.