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The Sun in Aries takes its name from the Greek God of War. Aries people are combative, independent and headstrong, Read More

Taurus has a deep-rooted need for material and emotional stability, and both of these things are fundamental to their sense Read More

Gemini is the most Mercurial sign of the zodiac. While all of us are made up of many selves masquerading Read More

Cancer just like the symbol the crab has a tough exterior that protects a soft underbelly, and they are extremely Read More

Leo symbolizes pride, dignity, and courage (together with a rich sense of drama) which describes this most colorful of zodiac Read More

Virgo’s have a highly developed sense of correctness and order, and it often has to weigh this against the imperfections Read More

Libra is related to the symbol of the scales. This connects the sign with justice, and a strong sense of Read More

Scorpio is an incredibly complex and misunderstood sign. Single minded, and driven by an intensity of purpose. Scorpios approach life Read More

Sagittarius is an optimist with a love of knowledge. The half man, half horse that symbolizes Sagittarius describes their dual Read More

  Capricorn is the mountain Goat, and the symbol for this sign describes sturdy ambitions and a long slow climb Read More