In the middle of watching an astronomy programme the presenter was talking about Jupiter and its physical qualities. According to Astronomy, Jupiter is the largest planet and 1000 earths could fit inside. The Astronomer said that astrologers believe that Jupiter influences human lives and that we are right! Astronomically, Jupiter is very “beneficial” to the earth through its gravitational pull.

Even on an Astrological level, good luck, blessings, protection, popularity and large and excessive qualities are associated with Jupiter. Physically, Jupiter is said to protect us from asteroids and meteorites that may have hit the Earth. However, the astronomer in question also went on to say that astrology is a load of rubbish anyway.

Astronomers don’t know everything about the universe and astrologers don’t know why astrology works. At one time astrology and astronomy were the same and we shared the same studying quarters. Astronomers would prefer not to mention its association. Kings paid astrologers to help them make decisions and the funding went towards astronomical research. Some of the most important astronomers of that time were also astrologers. Astronomers are now embarrassed by our past connection and tend to treat our belief in astrology with disrespect.

All the mind-orientated subjects are governed by Uranus: Astrology, higher mathematics, Science and Astronomy. Astronomically, Uranus rotates on its axis and is different and doesn’t fit in or follow expected ‘norms’. Uranus was named after the Greek God of the heavens,and both astronomers and Astrologers fall under the same umbrella.

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