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d6c304499ddc2978fadff2bf1a54a5aaCancer just like the symbol the crab has a tough exterior that protects a soft underbelly, and they are extremely vulnerable to life. Cancer is the most defensive and protective sign of the zodiac, they live in a watery world of emotions, instinct, gut feelings, and intuition. This level of relating to the environment makes them extremely sensitive to the moods and emotional undercurrents of the world around. Cancer is learning to open the flow of feelings to others so that they can nurture loved one’s. The Moon describes our roots, origins and early childhood and the function of Cancer in the natal chart is to give us a sense of belonging. Cancer represents our inherited tribal instincts, our race memories, and heritage, this is a maternal sign which needs to take care of others. Often the individual has a pronounced tenderness which makes them a very good carer or parent.

In Cancer, the Sun may well begin to recognize afresh a soul family from the past. Only when you are able to let go of an obsessive desire to be immersed in your biological family can this huge evolutionary step be taken. It will bring back into your orbit souls with whom you have a close connection from the past. One oft eh first lessons may be to forgive and forget the past. Past Life Astrology: Use Your Birthchart to Understand Your Karma

Having someone or something to selflessly care for is the key to feeling secure. Cancer is the first sign to first put us in touch with our soul, and there is something inside of them needing to protect all that is vulnerable and in need of shelter. This is the first sign to  feel both love and sadness, and their deep sensitivity absorbs what is going on inside others. Cancer needs the security of an emotional kind, through close, nurturing bonds, and they can feel emotionally adrift if security is threatened, and can become intensely self-protective and withdraw completely. Home is Cancer’s refuge, and the sign is driven by emotional motives. The life quest for Cancerian’s could be in finding a home or a place to belong. Cancer is the first water sign on the zodiac wheel, and possibly the most dependent in emotional relationships, they hold on tight to loved ones and can be considered possessive and clingy.

Cancer needs a home base, security, and familiar surroundings to help them feel emotionally secure. Possessing a very protective shell, they rarely leave themselves exposed. Cancer will do anything to avoid being hurt, and this can lead to manipulative behavior, and grasping hold of people in fear of losing them. Loneliness is one of their worst nightmares. The home environment allows Cancer to retreat happily into a private world and they choose to dwell on memories of the past. However, they can suffer from a brooding and negative kind of imagination that allows fears to loom large.

The sign of Cancer in our chart symbolizes a place and need for security, and somewhere to withdraw which enables us to feel in touch with our emotions, and to receive emotional support. Cancer needs time to nurture dreams, and to reflect on their deeper nature and they need a certain amount of self-protection from the world. The home is often like a shell where both emotional and familiar bonds are formed.