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Capricorn is the mountain Goat, and the symbol for this sign describes sturdy ambitions and a long slow climb to the top. The individual’s attitude to life is shaped by practical necessity, and Capricorns are unlikely to disrupt the status qua, unless they believe that it can be improved.

Capricorns are learning to master their environment and themselves, so that they shine as an example of the power of the human will. Capricorn is often called the late bloomer of the zodiac, but will struggle persistently, against tremendous odds to reach the pinnacle they seek.

Given the opportunities and the motivation, Capricorn can make  good manager, although they can sometimes find it difficult to delegate, shouldering all the responsibility. Capricorn can also find it difficult to have fun and relax, they are concerned with tradition and structure, and take marriage and family commitments very seriously.

This is a socially orientated sign, which plays by the rules and projects the right social image. Capricorn wants to socially advance, and their underlying belief of destiny involves contributing something meaningful and lasting to society and to build something of social worth to many. Capricorn wants to build something important in the world that stands as a testimony to their hard work and efforts.

This Capricorn is the ideal industrialist or businessperson, letting no humanitarian concerns interfere with the important business of making money. Capricorn’s central belief is that fancy ideas are far less important than the need to get the job done and keep the world ticking over. However, the tail of Capricorn rests in water, revealing another dimension to this sign, almost a shadow side. It can indicate an artist, visionary, or a revolutionary who believes that the regular order of the world must be overthrown. Ultimate Astrologer

Capricorn knows how to manipulate the material plane to their advantage, and these individuals have learned to carry responsibility and hardship early in life, and there may have been an early initiation into the hard facts of life. Early childhood has often taught them to be tough and not complain. Capricorn knows that adversity develops self-will, resilience and fosters realism.

Nothing is ever done by Capricorn without a purpose, yet they don’t always reveal all their aspirations in life, they wait, assess, and plan. Survival is another keynote to understanding this sign, these people are always aware of the possibility of failure rather than success. Nothing is taken for granted, they do not rely on luck, and work hard to achieve their material aims.

Capricorns are deeply introverted souls, and life can feel rather burdensome, loaded with responsibility, duties and often under authority figures, taking orders. It can be a frustrating period, but they learn dogged determination and are willing to put in the hard work to get to top.

In Capricorn’s unconscious lies a powerful self determination and ambition, they may be a late bloomer, but they know the value of hard work, and are most likely to succeed. Wherever Capricorn is in our chart describes where we may feel were given tests in life that require our stamina and patience. We have purposeful needs here and we want solid results.

Capricorn is emotionally reserved and keeps the emotions securely under wraps. These individuals rarely react to life events with an outward show of emotions, instead they tend to maintain an exterior of coolness. Capricorn sets out to be effective as it can in practical terms. The idea of being dependent on others and not in control is deeply frightening. The capacity for self control and self mastery is remarkable, and no matter how many knocks these people receive, they have an extraordinary capacity to overcome adversity.