Pisces Rising

2411293A person with Pisces Rising has an ever-shifting and changeable outlook. Anyone with significant points in the sign of the Fishes is gentle, sensitive, deep, understanding, and has a very tolerant, non-judgmental approach towards life. The individual approaches life with an instinctive sense of unity and a compassionate approach to all human emotional experiences. Pisces Rising is also very compassionate and cannot tolerate seeing any other creature suffer. As a child, they probably got quite upset whenever others were hurt physically or emotionally. The person never takes definite action and is sometimes reluctant to define personal boundaries, being deliberately evasive and hard to figure out. The individual tends to be somewhat passive and will let things resolve or work themselves out in their own way. They have a flexible personality and willingness to adapt to changing circumstances and demands.

All of the water signs enable us to stay in contact with our deepest selves. The world of the imagination is much more real to them, a place to escape to when the world becomes too harsh. Pisces has a highly emotional nature, with a quiet, shy personality. Though they may be as intelligent as anybody else, they do not have a logical approach toward life. The feelings, intuition, and heart lead them forwards.

The life urge is to uncover the transpersonal within the personal. Neptune’s rulership gives rise to an orientation that dissolves any set of rigid limitations and does away with the lines defining any given set of circumstances. When highly developed, this can be a gift of seeing into the potential of another person, looking beyond the restrictions of the projected personality…It may also represent the talent to identify and bring forth the spiritual truth from the most common of life’s circumstances. Yet the reverse may also be true: the individual with Neptune as the chart ruler may be unable to access the practical realities of any situation, placing there instead an illusory, glamorous projection of false hopes and unfulfilled aspirations. Rulers of the Horoscope: Finding Your Way Through the Labyrinth

Pisces Rising is magically compelling and magnetic and has a definite sensitivity to the environment. They are not always the most comfortable in social situations and tend to quickly adapt. The defenses may not be strong enough to handle other people’s ‘energy, as this is a leaky area that can indicate a flood of feelings passing through their barrier and overwhelming them. Also, they may erect boundaries by the use of cigarettes, alcohol, disappearing and appearing mystifying.

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