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tumblr_ngizkeVLE71rng6ydo1_500I absolutely love the Supernatural series, and it’s so well written, produced and acted. The episodes are fantastic and there is always an element of humour thrown in the show that is paralleled with its darker themes. The show was created by Eric Kripike, and debuted on September 13th, 2005. Supernatural follows two Winchester brothers Sam (Jared Padlecki) and Dean (Jenson Ackles) on the hunt for demons and other paranormal figures. The Winchester’s own family history contains demons from the past, death, secrets and revenge. The tale also draws its inspiration from the Winchester Mystery House. The mansion is reported to be haunted and it was once the residence of Sarah Winchester. The whole story behind the spooky house reeks of 8th house mystery and drama.

Astrologically, the 8th house is a ‘hidden’ house and represents the deeper aspects of the psyche that do not lend themselves easily to the conscious mind. Thus we have transformation, ego-death and irrevocable change. Family demons and curses are often signified in the eighth house of the chart, and it also rules sex and death, family legacies, wills, and the ’possessions’ of others. It describes what we have inherited in a psychological sense from our parents. Howard Sasportas says,

“The ruins of childhood are often excavated in the Eighth house.”

The creator of the show, Eric Kripike, has always been interested in urban legends since he was a child. Eric’s horoscope contains a Mars-Saturn conjunction in Cancer square Pluto. The violence portrayed throughout the series, fighting (Mars) possessions and demonic forces (Pluto) reflect in his nativity. The Director uses his energy quite creatively, and strong contacts between Mars and Saturn frequently test physical and emotional endurance. Lessons around courage, control and discipline are symbolised by these two planets. Often the individual feels dominated by outside forces and they sometimes subject themselves to enormous physical tests of strength. One of the key phrases for a Mars-Pluto contact is ‘fighting for survival,’ it also contends with buried rage. Frequently there is an early experience with violence, and the combination can be associated with extraordinary acts of courage in the face of annihilation.

All Plutionian aspects deal with societal taboos in some form. Furthermore, with all this energy pointed at Cancer, we have an individual connected with a story that contains 8th house undertones of devils and curses on the family (4th sign). I understand that these shows are based on myths and imaginative story-telling. However, those with an emphasis in Scorpio, 8th house planets or Pluto aspects, will on some level, relate to themes of battling compulsions, inner demons, death, abuse and the darker aspects of human nature.

Astrologically, baby faced Sam (Jared) has planets in Cancer and was born under the heavy conjunction of Mars-Saturn-Pluto. This is a rather striking similarity to the show’s creator’s chart. The stunning, Dean, (Jenson Ackles) is a Pisces, with Sun, Mercury and Venus in the twelfth sign. Overall, this whole show has a water sign prominence. Dean also has Mars in Cancer square Pluto. The astrology for this show is in itself Supernatural with repeating themes running through all of their charts. I am a fan of the show and I have enjoyed the relationship development with Sam and Dean, and the demons they battle, not only physically, but emotionally, mentally and psychologically.