Aries Rising

aries rising

Those with Aries rising approach life impulsively, independently and with enormous mental and physical stamina. This person doesn’t worry about limitations and seeks to be first and best in new situations and walk in with a spirit of competition. The individual comes across as enthusiastic and may have a habit of rushing into the environment without thinking. Fiery ascendants are more robust and energetic than other rising signs. Aries, in particular, doesn‘t like to wait around to get things done.

The thing with Aries is that it will always represent the divine spark of life and the sense that we are each born with an individual destiny. The individual will follow this course and will always lead the way.  Aries on this point of the natal chart is exciting to be around and you can rely on them to be straightforward and direct. Urgency and immediacy prevail as the most obvious characteristics of this ascendant. The individual often looks as if they are in a hurry to be somewhere, and these people like to feel as if they are in charge of life. The unconscious half of Aries (Desc) seeks partnership and to relax in a peaceful environment. However, Aries rising likes to distinguish themselves from the pack and are oriented towards activities that help to define the Self through a singular identity.

This person likes to initiate situations and move onto the next challenge. Spontaneously moving to the front, Aries needs to act and physically do something that sets them apart. The ruling planet of the Aries Ascendant is MARS and its sign and house position will describe how the individual can best direct their energetic, assertive and ambitious personality. According to Charles Carter, those with this sign rising are impetuous, warm, but make self-willed partners and sometimes marry in haste.

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