Gemini Rising

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gemini rising

An individual born with Gemini Rising approaches life with great curiosity and versatility. This individual incarnated with a spirit that is always questioning and learning. Moreover, they are young and alive no matter what their chronological age. A desire to learn about everything comes naturally, but they also get bored rather quickly. Those born with Gemini Rising like to socialize, talk and have fun. They are the perpetual students of life, and can remain youthful in later years.

Gemini Rising individuals are friendly, flirtatious and need constant feedback and a broad range of contacts as possible. Gemini is the first of the air signs (communication, ideas, and relationships) and is mutable (restless and changeable), so they are particularly interested in teaching, writing, reading, speaking and all other kinds of communication. Those with Gemini Rising have a friendly manner and need people around who are as interesting and as knowledgeable as them.

gemini-512Information is fun and the Twins tend to move through life in a playful, light and humorous manner. In fact, they may seem flippant and unconcerned about matters that others take very seriously. Those with Gemini Rising are detached and difficult to pin down, but they are always spellbinding to have around. Full of clever facts and trivia, a party starter and conversationalist, readily adapting to their social environment. These individuals don’t enter heavy emotional involvements easily and would rather keep things light-hearted and keep in touch with what’s happening on the surface level and not be too overly-involved.

Two People

Gemini is famous for experiencing duality in their lives. Many have two names, jobs, identities or phone numbers. Furthermore, they love making connections between one thing and another. The unconscious side of the personality as shown by the Descendant sign (Sagittarius), longs to expand understanding and to experience meaning in life. Sagittarius on the Descendant governs their relationships, and others help them to expand their worldview. These people are also prone to double attachments, two marriages or relationships with foreigners, and a partner may have a Jupiter occupation.

You are highly intelligent and communication is a vital part of your life. You want to share what you learn with others and you are constantly looking for new things to learn on your way. The most inquisitive and friendly Rising Sign…you approach life in the spirit of the enquiry, like the eternal student. You love making connections between one thing and another. Without necessarily having to feel any sense of where it is all heading or what it all means. You are a keen maker of contacts, priding yourself on being acquainted with all types of individual and scenes. Astrology Made Easy – A Handy Reference Guide