Moon in 9th House

Those with Moon in 9th house need a worldview or personal philosophy through which the world can be understood. The Moon here can absorb early teachings of religion, political and social views from one of the parents. The emotions and responses are directed towards higher learning, foreign concerns and the individual may feel happier in foreign lands. There is an instinctive urge to roam a field and they may be fond of travel and search for meaning in life afar. The type nurtures themselves through intellectual stimulation and conceptual frameworks and may explore educational fields rather than going on physical journeys.

Holidays and those far away places may hold sentimental memories, and  they are best fed when learning about different cultures, beliefs and religions. Sometimes the individual settles in a home abroad, and perhaps even female relatives are religious and travel abroad. I have a partner with this placement and his mother’s side of the family are very religious/Nuns and have travelled the world, females may also broaden the native’s understanding. The individual may feel comfortable around foreigners and may take care of others abroad.

The Moon in the 9th house often exhibits an uncanny ability to foretell the outcome towards which events re leading. There is a natural receptivity to philosophy and religion and intuitive grasp of concepts and symbols. The feelings give access to what the mind cannot rationally comprehend. Although those with this placement may rely on a faith which has been inherited via the family and culture, they have an ability to adapt the philosophy to changing influences and conditions. The Twelve Houses



Moon in houses

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