mercury-in-piscesMercury in Pisces understands life through the imagination, music, poetry, and visual arts. The type, therefore, expresses their energy best when communicating creative, intuitive, and sensitive visions. There is an instinctive receptivity to others’ feelings and the wealth of collective experience. The larger unconscious is like the great sea of all thoughts and feelings and they have a direct line. Because of their submergence in the subconscious, they often perceive things that others cannot and are better communicating with images due to a great sensitivity to color and sound, which helps to convey what needs to be communicated.  The imagination is put to good use and harnessed through writing stories and poems, communicating about art, symbols and other imaginative forms.

Those with this placement are quite psychic, telepathic, and open to spiritual messages. Mercury in the sign of the Fishes has sensitive perceptions and is in touch with other realms. There is a marked capacity for knowing what others are thinking and feeling because of this connection to the wider emotional realm. The downside of this ability is that it is hard to distinguish their own thoughts from those around them. Pisces is the ruler hypnotism and subtle communication of images and words that can enter our minds without conscious control, and so it’s not uncommon for Piscean people to be highly suggestible.

Those with Mercury in Pisces will find that usually their opinions and ideas emerge from the unconscious, and they see intuitive images rather than logical interpretations. There is difficulty knowing where this knowledge originates but this does not impair intelligence and it only suggests a mind that resists pure rational explanations and receives information from ‘somewhere else’. They can be found drifting in and out of conversations and books; they’re quite the chameleon, changing their viewpoints according to the last piece of information that was received. They may also talk and listen compassionately, always lending a sympathetic ear with acceptance and without judgment, demonstrating a great wave of understanding.

Mercury in the sign of Pisces indicates a vivid imagination and photographic ability to visualize thoughts and memories. People with this position are highly intuitive and telepathic on the unconscious level; they are, therefore, easily influenced int heir thinking by subliminal suggestion, as they tune in unconsciously to the thoughts and moods of those around them. They arrive at conclusions not through logical reasoning but rather on the basis of intuitive perceptions that float up from the unconscious mind. They learn more from osmosis than disciplined study. The Astrologer’s Handbook (HarperResource Book)

The ability to communicate clearly may become muddled and the day-to-day functioning of life doesn’t interest them much. It is particularly challenging to focus on the here and now for the mundane doesn’t have such a strong hold on the mind. It can be difficult, too, holding a conversation when the intellect drifts off and is preoccupied with something else beyond this world. Mercury here is impressionable and over-sensitive and this leads to misunderstandings, distortion of the facts, and there may be shyness and seclusion in communication.