Saturn in the 8th House

tumblr_nedhhjgtxx1tglhdco1_500Those with Saturn in the 8th house are primarily dealing with the stability of financial, emotional and sexual security. They will often feel challenged-tested-in the area of their intimate relationships, and this is where their defensive shackles rise up in anxiety. Matters pertaining to sex, death, and emotional crisis are vulnerable areas of life. With this placement, they may find themselves struggling with financial hardship, a difficult divorce, or the frustrating demands of an unresponsive partner. Saturn here easily finds itself under a financial obligation of some sort. When shared resources are tightly bound together in the house of insurance, tax, legacies, mortgages, and bank loans, it creates power struggles of all kinds.

According to Stephen Arroyo, Astrology, Karma & Transformation: The Inner Dimensions of the Birth Chart, the author points out that 8th house experiences contain lessons to do with sexuality and the values attached to human relationships. Moreover, it can signify the responsibilities involved when using any kind of power over others. In the horoscope, Saturn tends to show areas of serious concern. Therefore, when placed in the 8th house, we are in the difficult terrain of sex, death, and other people’s money.

Quite often, all of the above issues become complicatedly webbed together, creating separation, joint finances and long-standing obligations in a partnership. This could include sexual debt and also difficulty in receiving inheritance money and taxation problems. However, there are some with this placement who can make a career out of banking, investing, stockbroking, dealing with other people’s money, the occult, psychology, studies in death and so forth. Wherever Saturn is found in the horoscope, concerns us with issues of self-mastery and handling our business.

The 8th house is the realm of sex and all unconscious and simmering issues which hide below the surface of life, eventually reaching a ‘crisis’ point and seeking release. The emotions liberated are the ones that Saturn has tried to keep under tight control – rage, jealousy, resentment, and hate. Those with Saturn here may be held responsible for every disappointment, sexually and financially in close relationships, feel trapped and imprisoned by their responsibilities. Indeed, these types may have to learn how to manage their finances responsibly and become an authority in these areas.

In many ways, they are frightened by the vulnerability inherent within intimate relationships. The fear of emotional rejection and the dread of being let down on an inner level when support is needed, it is enough to dampen the spirit and want to resist the challenge altogether. The idea of letting go on this very intimate level can be terribly frightening, they have a fear of merging with others. Sexual hang-ups are another problem that may need addressing in close relationships and this is so often the area of some sticky issues.

According to astrologer Liz Greene in Saturn: A New Look at an Old Devil, this placement may signify the death of the father, or he is emotionally cold and rejecting. Furthermore, the environment in which the individual lives may show sexual problems between the parents. In the worst case, beatings and assault can occur which leave deeper emotional scars than any other Saturn placement. The father may also be possessive and domineering, and his early death may teach the child the painful lesson of letting go.

The father may have also been emotionally suppressed or suffered from deep depression. The themes are endless, and whatever the lessons, those with this position of Saturn need to seek their own security and develop emotional stability. Those with this position of Saturn will learn lessons around sex, intimacy, opening up, death and rebirth. All of these areas need to be carefully examined, and they need to learn how to let go without inhibitions in intimate partnerships.

There can be a fear of intimacy and crises with this placement, some will do anything to avoid the pain of various types of trauma, and even the daily hurly-burly of being with someone can create anxiety. The fear may be of being controlled either in, or through, the sexual act. The individual will probably have inherited residual baggage from their parents in this respect. But through time, the individual may become an authority on intimate relationship and at home with crisis of all kinds. In the bedroom, the person with this placement will often feel much better if they can be in control. There is a need for this person to define their deepest feelings with Saturn here. Fear of death may go with the territory too, with the individual potentially, through time and experience, becoming expert on that also…On the financial front, there will often be responsibilities for joint resources, although some individuals will feel trapped and imprisoned by their responsibility for another’s money. A feeling of obligation and vague guilt will have prompted them to take on the this burden in the first place. The Contemporary Astrologer’s Handbook