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toxic-picThe Sensitive Artist

Those with the Moon-Neptune aspects possess an emotional sensitivity and vulnerability to others, and an especially powerful impressionable, sympathetic, and psychic empathy. Moon-Neptune has a powerful imagination and considerable artistic, creative gifts that need to be expressed.

There is a refined sense of touch, colour, taste and sound, that find their way in the creative side of the individual and can be used in areas such as art, music, photography, film and poetry.

The tendency to resort to spiritualist practices is common under these configurations; and this I attribute to the inborn desire of the Neptunian to rise above and beyond earthly interests. Moreover the ‘messages’ delivered by mediums are often of a comforting and optimistic character, and this is helpful to the anxious frame of mind that Moon-Neptune afflictions are apt to generate. Further, Neptune, through its connection with the 12th house, has an affinity with death and the dead, and these aspects sometimes cause the native to be obsessed by thoughts of the hereafter. These proclivities seem commoner in women than in men, whose activities depend on solar rather than lunar configurations. By Charles Carter

Heightened Sensitivity

These people need to be in places that are suitable outlets for their highly sensitized nature because there can be problems with ‘over-sensitivity’, and longing for reassurance. Through their innate understanding and sympathetic attitudes, they are likely to become open to other people’s problems.

The Moon and Neptune both symbolise the urge to fuse with others around them, and when these planets are combined it heightens sensitivity to the environment, and shows the ability to be kind, caring and comforting towards others.

The Need to be Needed

Many are attracted towards employment in the spheres of social welfare, fostering and care. It is an excellent combination both for the arts and for work in charitable and voluntary areas.

Moon-Neptune may serve deprived people and help the needy in society, but sometimes they can become drained by the demands people make on them.

They may need to examine their need to play saviour or martyr and learn to be more emotionally honest with themselves. The need to be needed can be a powerful motivation, and it leaves them open to being used.

Avoiding Reality

There can be tendencies to evade the harsh realities of life, and the individual wants to escape the drudgery of domestic chores, staying lost in the glamour of dreams and fantasies. Sometimes heading into flights of fantasy, hallucination, intoxication, and addiction.

The main challenge is discriminating between reality and unreality, between fact and fiction. With Neptune influencing the emotions the person sees what they want to see, and not what is actually there.

When the person realizes reality, the Neptune-like sea mist clears and they deal with the pain of disappointment, disillusionment, loneliness, depression due to unfulfilled expectations.

Hard Moon-Neptune aspects play havoc with the emotions, and because of their deep feeling nature, it is difficult for them to remain detached. They should find solace for these changeable emotions through artistic, healing and psychic inspirations.

The person tends to resist accepting responsibility and prefers ‘running away’ from problems. They may be attracted to substances as a way of escaping difficulties, and there is a danger of addiction, and to other available remedies for feelings of ‘divine’ homesickness.

Neptune and Motherly Feelings

Astrologically the Moon not only relates to our feeling nature but also to the women in our lives – wives, girlfriends, mothers, daughters, etc. In a man’s chart, the woman may undergo emotional, physical, and drug problems.

A man with a contact between these two planets (easy or hard) may marry a woman that he experiences as needy, dependent, and ill. At the time, he may feel totally devoted to this woman and put her on a pedestal.

The individual with a contact between these two planets often falls in love with an idealized image of the partner, ( an unrealistic expectation) only to find out later that the one they have fallen in love with is an emotionally unstable, alcoholic.

The mother in the life of the individual may have had tremendous emotional power over the family, but it may also reflect her suffering. The mother’s unhappiness greatly affects them, and there can be overwhelming feelings of guilt when trying to express any kind of emotional independence.

The mother figure is sometimes experienced as weak, unstable or a victim in some way. The mother could have been physically or emotionally absent, and the nurturing element in childhood may not have been stable and secure.

It is usually within their more personal relationships where there is some distortion, chaos, and confusion. Neptune tends to cloud the mothering experience, and so her image may be unclear and confusing.