Moon in Gemini: It Takes Two

By | April 13, 2011

The individual with the natal Moon in Gemini needs to keep the mind active, and their talents can be directed into areas such as education, the subject can be a fine teacher or a quick-witted student. Moreover, they have a well-developed sense of keen perception and powerful intellectual abilities. It is particularly challenging for the individual to stay with one thing for long periods and they need many projects to keep them active and are constantly searching for new experiences.

The individual will always be on the move, looking for many social or cultural interests and a knowledge of life. The Moon here sparkles with wit and they need plenty of freedom,  and this leads to frequent meetings with new contacts, new dimensions, and experiences in the everyday life, and retains a special kind of youthfulness, even into old age. It is often called the lightest of the Moon’s signs, but there can be mood swings, and their feeling reactions always need to have logical conclusions.  A Moon in Gemini type can make great a story teller and they are a social butterfly possessing magnificence, breeziness, and a vital intelligence. The humor is also usually bright and quick and it may seem trivial in nature, or amusingly lightweight.

The person is filled with dexterity and is like a phone operator: quickly making multiple connections with versatility and communicative skills. A colorful way of expressing themselves, filled with bright ideas, means they make fabulous journalists, writers, and investigators.  The Moon in Gemini is magnetically drawn to words, phrases, and concepts, language, books, and wonderful conversations. In fact, these individuals play a large role in lighting up the world and filling it with humor, flirtatiousness, and expressiveness.

The Moon in Gemini is a thinker and a collector of facts, with a thirst for knowledge. It is often the type of person that finds everything interesting and finding everything out about others.  The speediness of the individual is due to being ruled by Hermes, the mythical god with the winged sandals, ensuring a lot of ground is covered rapidly, and they able to make fast connections, scintillating us with new ideas. As a mutable sign, the Moon in Gemini doesn’t like to be tied down and needs a constant flow in the life of media, information, and intellectual prose. The voracious mind gathers tidbits and can have knowledge over an incredible range of subjects and this kind of friend can also make us all feel somewhat cleverer.