Ascendant: Life Journey

I have been thinking about how we evolve and grow with our natal chart, and how far we have come individually with our own journey. The word “journey” is overly used and it is a bit cliché to even refer to it. Nonetheless, it doesn’t’ make our spiritual path any less profound.

Our passage begins with our birth. The date, time and place of our first emergence in the world is very important. Astrologers use this information to cast a birth chart and position the signs and the planets in the twelve houses of the horoscope. The Ascendant point, represents the moment that anything is brought into being, the moment of coming into existence. When we ascend into life we feel the impress of all of the planet’s onto our individual being and this is also true, not only for human beings, but for plant life, and animals. In fact, this imprint of celestial energy happens to absolutely anything that begins. For every new activity, enterprise and thought – everything has a starting point in time.

The sign rising at birth describes the way we express ourselves out into life. How we perceive life, and how others see us. The Ascendant is the journey we must make and describes the task and the qualities we need to develop which will take us on the road to becoming whole (Sun). Indeed, the journey of life from birth to death is something that is common to all human beings. How we reach our destination, accomplish our goals and realize our destiny is dependent on our ability to navigate the contours of our horoscope chart. On the way we meet successes and obstacles and we cope with a myriad of events that cross our path.

Astrologically we seem to move towards the Ascendant throughout our lifetime, and we need to integrate the qualities of our Ascendant Sign into our life. It is also very common for some people not to relate to their Rising Sign, in the least, however, as life progresses they will meet the challenge of the Ascendant in some shape or form. Learning how to navigate our world through the traits described by the Ascendant is our pathway to realizing who we are.

Rising Sign

The rising sign represents a new phase of growth, so although we may constantly analyse the traits of our Sun Sign, we really need to look closer to home. Through examining the characteristics which need to be developed first on the Ascendant, we learn how to cope with life’s challenges.  Many astrologers believe there is a greater intelligence behind why we are born at a particular time. When we are beginning to assess the Ascendant, we could start by looking at the element of the sign and assess whether we are charting an earthier, practical and real-world view of life (EARTH) and taking on the practical tasks which will help us achieve our goals. Perhaps we are charting the watery domain of feelings, intuitions, and our deepest emotions (WATER). Whatever the case, the Ascendant says something about the path we often need to follow. The planet that rules over the Asc is the one we will always meet in the outside world.

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