Mars in Leo

Mars in Leo expresses itself with strength of purpose, magnetism and vitality. The individual’s energies are confident, exuberant and dramatic, and their strengths include leadership ability, and strong willpower. Whatever these people do they like to put their own personal style onto it, and they see themselves as a natural leader, and others believe strongly in their sense of importance and are inspired to follow.

Mars here never holds grudges, and they put their heart out energetically, and nothing short of the best will do. They are ambitious people, proud and honourable, and expect the same worthy behaviour from others. When Mars here gets angry it usually comes out in self-centredness and a hot temper, and it is typically displayed in a dramatic scene. They hate to do things in a mediocre way, or fuss about with the details. There may be some difficulty with Mars here in recognising the wishes, needs and viewpoints of others. The individual may be too forceful when imposing his or her will on situations which call for greater flexibility and cooperation, and work best when left to run the show, and they enjoy being in charge and entertaining.

Mars in Leo needs to find outlets for their strong creative energy, there is such an intense desire and motivation to express themselves in the house placement of Mars in the chart. They compete for centre stage in order to assure that they will be acknowledged, but get angry when they are criticised and rejected, and deeply fear the possibility of humiliation. In the face of poor reviews they feel that they must put on a better performance to win the approval of others and prove they are better than anyone else. They are highly energised by images of themselves as the creator or performer, and desire excellence and can’t bear anything they produce to be sub-standard. Possessing an innate sense of the dramatic, they are completely unselfconscious.

Above all they like to project an image of self-confidence, self-sufficiency and be noticed immediately. Excessive pride is one of the pitfalls of this placement and the inability to accept criticism even if it meant in the best way. They hate to feel small and belittled and their pride often spurs them into battle. Mars in Leo is highly creative, and has plenty of energy, determination and self-esteem. These people need to keep believing in themselves no matter what the critics say, but they do have to be wary of boasting. They are extremely generous, good natured and optimistic, and a child-like enthusiasm endears them to many. Mars in Leo needs to be seen to shine and excel, and they have excellent organisational qualities. The house where Mars is placed represents the sphere where creative actualisation will take place.

Women with Mars in Leo are often attracted to men who are larger than life, self-expressive and who embody all the lionly qualities of loyalty, vision and heroism. The men exude strength and will-power and always fight for their honour. There is sometimes an overbearing manner and need to dominate others. They have fixed and passionate desires, and a strong sex drive, are usually ardent lovers, but are also capable of jealousy and possessiveness. They may like to show off a partner, and be seen with someone who they can be proud of.