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moon in cancer

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The Moon is particularly strong in Cancer and symbolises a person who responds very much to the emotional tone and atmosphere around them. The Moon here shows a very sympathetic and understanding soul, someone who is tuned into the unspoken feelings and needs of others.

This placement of the Moon can exaggerate all things lunar for better or worse. The person tends to place importance on family ties and is sympathetic, loyal and compassionate.

The Moon in Cancer holds a full container of memories and emotional experiences; there is a deep longing to be nurtured and protected but powerful needs also represent the danger of becoming overly dependent on others for emotional support. A number of these natives are afraid of loneliness and isolation and need the support of others. There is a strong need to bind people close, which sometimes leads to subtle manipulation that elicits both sympathy and protection.

The Moon in all of the water signs needs to receive emotional responses from others, even if they provoke it through anger and hate. Water people need some feeling response, rather than none at all. The person with the Moon in Cancer has pronounced intuitive feelings and psychic abilities, and powerful gut instincts. The symbol of the crab is associated with Cancer and represents its hard outer shell and a soft interior.

When feeling down in the dumps, they tend towards moodiness, crabbiness and can snap at others. And these ’moods’ which change with the tide are often linked to old emotional wounds from the past. Those with Moon in Cancer cling to home, family, and loved ones. Similarly, there is an attachment to memorabilia from the past, so photo‘s, diaries, and old objects mean a lot to them. Cancer finds it difficult to throw things away and they need to feel familiar with their surroundings, especially when feeling insecure, and some like to study history and collect antiques.

A person with the Moon in Cancer has a powerful imagination and will often withdraw into their private world. They like to stay at home as it is viewed as  the primary place of shelter and protection. However, they can be jealous and possessive when their security is threatened and find it difficult letting go of past. The early childhood provides the emotional background for all future relationships and if their past was traumatic, it can take a long time to heal from such early wounds.

Cancer’s deep insecurity lies at the root of their defensiveness hypersensitivity over imagined slights. The crab can hold grudges for a long time, and it is expressed through criticism and gossiping. The person is prone to worry too much, and they tend to have a sensitive stomach with adverse reactions to certain types of food. Women usually feature strongly in lunar types, especially the bond with the mother.