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Pluto is the planet that holds our deepest, darkest fears and it is related to those things that are locked Read More

An individual with the Moon conjunct, square or opposite Uranus is emotionally excited, provocative and restless. They sometimes express their Read More

Those with Moon conjunct, square or opposite Saturn have a restrained, inhibited and fearful quality around expressing their emotions. The Read More

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An individual with the Moon conjunct, opposite or square Jupiter possesses emotions that are expansive, kind and giving. Frequently it Read More

The individual with Moon trine Neptune is an artistic gentle soul with highly imaginative and sensitive feelings, and with these Read More

Jung wrote that Schizophrenia (loss of contact with reality) develops in people with a well developed unconscious and a weak Read More

The Ascendant in astrology:    

The 8th house in astrology deals with the aspect of self-confrontation and often involves a method of self-investigation and deep Read More