Venus-Pluto Aspects

Venus-Pluto Aspects

An individual with Venus conjunct, square or opposite Pluto will find that it is within their intimate relationships where transformations occur. The love life will be full of emotional highs and some desperate lows. Those with this aspect often tell stories of intense, obsessive and consuming love. Indeed, it is one of the classic aspects of power-struggles within a close bond. Passion is something deeply craved, even if unaware of such desires. If relationships are sailing along on a more superficial level, at some point, the type will be forced to face the darker depths of emotion. Pluto also introduces an element of fate & destiny to meet when involved intimately with others.

On another level, there is also a deep sense of unlovableness or fear of rejection which plunges the individual into despair. In this respect, he or she may be hit by a particular crisis that forces an honest look at relationships. In some instances, Venus in connection with Pluto means the death of a partner, family member, or some other kind of deep loss. A dark, black and stormy cloud is created over the individual’s sense of value and security.

The relationship pitfalls can feel horribly cruel and painful and it is frequently the kind of loving that involves both fire and ice. The burning pain of relationships may bring up earlier scars of perhaps being used and abused for their beauty, sex or charming them into manipulation. The person may fiercely guard against being controlled ever again.

One of the difficulties involved with this contact is attempting to own people heart and soul, and the fear of losing a loved one to somebody else is all consuming. Venus-Pluto needs deep commitment, feelings of closeness, and there are moments they are completely overtaken by an insatiable need for love. This contact has that attract and repel quality because sometimes they come on too strong, possessive and demanding. Many people with this aspect have become obsessed that their partner is having an affair and if they are naive in love, this is quickly altered when faced with the deepest of betrayals.

The individual sometimes tries to provoke the partner to give them the response they want. Otherwise, they turn to another who might offer them the depth they need in a partnership, and this is because of an all or nothing approach. Venus-Pluto types often choose partners who are secretive, smothering and jealous or with psychological troubles. They fall in love with people who are powerful and also have a frequent inclination to feel attracted to someone who is emotionally damaged in some way.

The relationship is forced to survive overtime, and could be laced with dramatic, emotional scenes, demanding and controlling spouses. The contact between Venus and Pluto can result in resentment against their own sex or jealousy among friends. They seem to arouse a deep response from the opposite sex who find them deeply attractive, mysterious and possessing a kind of dark power of attraction. The individual may find themselves drawn to the more complex, emotionally complicated, and disturbed types.

A taboo aspect to the relationship like interracial relationships could be present. The individual may find themselves in dangerous relationships, falling for the wrong kind and having to watch passively as their own emotions spiral out of control if they become involved in a secret love affair. Whilst it is incredibly emotionally fulfilling at the time, someone gets badly hurt in the end. Inevitably, they will have to rebuild their current relationship or be forced to start over again. Love and relationships are the catalysts for change and they can get entangled in some difficult emotional waters. Anytime the individual allows somebody close to them Pluto enters the door and sooner or later the happy picture of domesticity is often thrown against the wall.

The partnership often involves them feeling the darker undercurrents in love, and they find that idealism is not something that really belongs to them here. They have to be as real and honest as possible, because once a relationship becomes deeply rooted for the individual it becomes extremely hard to dig themselves back out. For some the death till we part vow can feel more like a relationship burial and many are afraid of the kind of fate that hides within a Venus-Pluto type of commitment. It is not always something people want to say willingly ‘I do’ to. We often laugh at movies like fatal attraction, but for these folks – some of those scenes are a reality and they are embroiled in some major psychological game playing.
venus-pluto aspectsThe fact that we ourselves could smash the picture of happiness through a betrayal or simply a difficult emotional complex that we can’t get past brings up some terribly hard emotions to understand. However, by bringing them to the surface the individual begins to learn what is blocking them from full fulfillment. A relationship has the ability to change a life  forever with a Venus-Pluto contact.The fact that this combination will bring extreme attraction, sexual undertones, and a sense of destiny is not so easy to detach from. It is hard to be judgmental about what people do out of compulsion.  If the partner does have an affair the person questions their own lovability and desirability and things get more difficult until they resolve these feelings.

This has probably been an overly dark interpretation of Venus in aspect to Pluto, but someone once said that it is often the source of our healing that is also the source of our destruction. They can have the deepest of emotional connections that have been tested over time, survived and rebuilt even stronger.

Venus also rules art & beauty and so they might be obsessed with creativity, artistic endeavors, and making something worthwhile out of what other people have discarded. It also relates to our values, and what we hold dear.

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