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aries purpose

The Sun in the chart symbolizes what we are striving for in life, and it also shows what task we face and the struggles we have to overcome. The purpose of our life is shown by the sign, house placement and aspects to the Sun. Many Indians believe that the source created a diversity of life forms, including human identities to enjoy a variety of experiences over time. Platonists believed that a soul first journeyed to the Moon, to receive a new form and then traveled back to Earth taking on new personalities through the zodiac on the ecliptic along the way. Whatever the case, we can get a good description from the solar part of the horoscope of where we can find individual meaning and it describes an important psychological process that operates in every individual.

Aries Task in Life: The ancients called the spirit “the spark of life” and this is where life begins for any individual. Being born under the sign of Aries means such a powerful energy is carried at the very core, and the task of life usually involves the ability to be daring, brave, courageous and pioneering. The central concern on the development of this sign is asserting the will, going their own way, and learning to be independent. With the fire element involved it is all about the need to learn how to use their fiery energy, intuition, self-expression, and creative drive.

Aries natural impatience means that in life they often rush in where angels fear to tread, and usually their purpose entails facing some kind of battle, challenge, war with authority, restrictive force, bosses, father, husband or any other kind of suppressive energy. It is something that requires the use of strength and being true to oneself. Quite often, the individual seems to attract many new experiences to test out their armor and sword and need to be fierce.
However, if they don’t see themselves as a strong person this is something they will need to recognize. The task usually involves defeating and challenging old ways and paving the way for something new to be born. Often this leads to Aries putting themselves into fiery situations that are dangerous, in order to prove their strength and daring. The individual feels much affinity with the underdog and with lost causes and individuals pitted against impossible odds and win through. The Aries type of person often does well as some kind of reformer, and personal advocate on behalf of those they perceive as weak, and the individual can have a strong inspirational influence on others, lighting the way even in the darkest of times.


But the Aries type is constantly in the process of forming himself. He has no sense of set selfhood; no sense of set boundaries. He is ever open to the inrush of universal, non-personified Life. He is never a finished product, and he cares little for finishing what he attempts. He is taken up by the act of creating, not by his creations… In one sense at least, the Aries person is called upon to sacrifice his past, to burn it on the altar of his dedication to the new life. This sacrifice could be a joyous or serene act. By Dane Rudhyar.


Aries might also need to fight against the pull of the collective past, a family member or some other limiting force which becomes the dragon that Aries must slay. Aries is about the emergence of the individual with a pioneering spirit, faced with the task of moving forward, pouring their passions into what they want. Aries only turns aggressive and violent when others stand in their way, attempting to block this burst of life-force within that needs to explore new paths, plant new seeds and to be true unto themselves.
The adolescent enthusiasm of Aries, often means that it is vitally important they take action, but the person constantly seems to meet obstacles and crisis in life. The soul is always ready to roll up their sleeves and meet a new challenge head on. Alongside all of their brawn and physical energy, there is also plenty of brainpower in this sign as it rules over the head. So part of the task involves learning to change and meet adversity and move towards self-unfoldment.

The Roman and the Greeks used a battering Ram to knock down the doors of their enemies and this represents the sign’s headstrong force and ability to break through closed doors. Much of the life seems to revolve around proving they are an individual, with their own thoughts, ideas and ways of operating. As a springtime sign, they like new beginnings, ideas, and movements and this can obviously clash with established forms.
Aries does not want to be taught how to do anything, they want to do it. When Aries is emphasized in the horoscope there is an enhanced drive for independence and need for freedom to make their own decisions and discover something new. These people are essentially starters in life and are concerned with births, beginnings and new, bold schemes.