Sun Conjunct, Square, Opposite Neptune

1668676Those with Sun conjunct, square or opposite Neptune are extremely sensitive to the thoughts, feelings, and actions of others. Within is a sensory insight that lends depth, imagination, and new perceptions revealing a connection to visionary qualities, possibly creative leanings. The boundaries of the individual can be terribly hazy, loose and accessible for others to enter. This also leaves the “doors open” to abuse, deception, and manipulation of others. As Neptune is concerned with feelings, psychic receptivity, and ability to see beyond the finite, they are like sponges and have difficulty defending themselves from the surrounding world.

Consequently, children born with this aspect may grow up with a wounded sense of their sense of worth, specialness and identity. Which is related to a loose connection with the father. There maybe a statement about life as, “I don’t know who I am,” or, “I have to give up what I want.” The Development of Personality: Seminars in Psychological Astrology (Seminars in Psychological Astrology ; V. 1)

Naturally these people are escapists, and can perhaps be found running away from some form of reality; they find it difficult facing the harsher aspects of life. Aspects involving the Sun and Neptune give a person sensitivity and many are indeed sensitive souls, often over-sensitive to everything around them. The Sun-Neptune type identifies powerfully with everything that is lying unconscious, and whilst this ability helps to find inspirational thoughts, artistic vision, even wisdom, it can also pose a threat to the stability of the ego. Since Neptune blurs the boundaries around the self, it can weaken the identity and makes it more difficult to define and appropriately separate individual needs from others.

[pullquote align=”right” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]People with this combination are frequently found in the role of the singer, musician, artist, actor, photographer, dancer, poet, astrologer, and anything involving the use of the imagination, creativity and fantasy. [/pullquote]

Accordingly, there is often considerable creative talent and tremendous intuitive ability that needs to find some kind of expression. The Sun-Neptune type possesses a keen sense for colour, images, auras and healing, intensely feeling an appreciation for sound, touch and visuals. Still, without some kind of positive outlet for their fantasy life, they can feel aimless, lost, chaotic, and waste such talents. To lose their way would be a shame as they are the embodiment of the artistic imagination, and sensitivity, along with uplifting ideas and musical talents.

Neptune individuals need to encompass a larger, spiritual vision of life, and there is often a deep sense of mission and willingness to sacrifice personal goals. Along with spiritual objectives, they can be lifelong devotees of whatever it is they are chasing as long as there is a feeling of emotional merging with the cause and a sense of doing something that benefits the larger good. The individual is blessed with a kind and charitable nature but needs to guard against mystical cults, deceptive groups and being misguided.

The emotional side of their personality possesses a lot of empathy for others, and especially for their suffering, helplessness, and deepest sorrows. People with these connections are compassionate, sympathetic, and emotionally vulnerable. Whatever the actual contact, Sun conjunct Neptune, Sun square Neptune, or Sun opposite Neptune, they feel the pains of others and tend to see both the darkest depths and illuminating side of every human soul.

NeptuneNeptune is the planet associated with our dreams, aspirations, and hopes and those with the hard aspects feel constant dissatisfaction, disillusionment, and hopelessness when they fail to make them a reality. At worst, the hard aspects can be found struggling with difficult addictions, suicidal impulses, compulsions, and depression. In Roman Mythology, Neptune was the god of the sea, and those with a strong contact to the planet can have a lost, drifting, and hopeless personality.

The individual always seems to be searching for something they haven’t found. The mystery behind it could be found through Neptune’s search for enlightenment, and the way it keeps stirring up the soul’s deepest yearnings, and far-reaching dreams. It has often been said that the Neptune person is easily seducible and succumbs easily to anything offering a glimpse of what they desperately need. For this reason, those with this contact have to be wary of the light of glamour and illusion when finding their meaning in life and all that glitters is not always gold.

[pullquote align=”left” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Those with the Sun in aspect to Neptune must also be aware that the aspect sensitizes the awareness of others’ needs, but the mechanism of projection and the unintegrated aspects of the self may be split off and the challenge is to see the self and others in a more realistic way[/pullquote]

The planet Neptune, the god of water, has a dreamlike, misty and formless quality. Usually, Sun-Neptune individuals love to be by the Ocean and it’s a place to find peace and daydream for a while. People with these contacts need to be in a secluded-like world, but they sometimes get spaced out and drift further and further away from reality. Neptune seeks to dissolve all boundaries and limitations and sensitizes everything it touches, and individuals with this planet prominent are in contact with other realms.

l-407429Sun-Neptune often needs to get away, owing to the fact they find it difficult with decision making and possess a powerful urge to cleanse the negativity of the world and separate themselves from the thoughts and feelings of others. Due to this powerful need to escape, there is a propensity to numb feelings and so the Neptune type should avoid drug taking, alcohol, and other harmful substances when the feeling of being lost, confused and downhearted washes over the person as it usually does. Succumbing only makes things worse in the long-run, and avoiding life shouldn’t be the only way out. Where we experience Neptune we feel helpless, but the person will at some point have to deal with external reality, and there will always be the high and low road. with this contact sometimes find themselves with a man who embodies Neptune. Perhaps he is an artist, musician, con-artist, drug addict or alcoholic. Sometimes a woman searching for a lover may look for a wreckage to salvage in a relationship. Neptune is commonly connected with confusion, self-deception, and destructiveness because it invades the sense of self, creating more problems. The individual may evade all responsibilities and is gullible and possesses a weak or diffused self-image. Furthermore, they tend to lack confidence in their ability and feel massive waves of self-doubt when moving even closer to achieving their elusive dreams. For the most part, the feelings struggle to keep focused on their goals and are easily distracted, preferring to run away from confronting reality.

Sun-Neptune can lack purpose, and, therefore, feel listless and fatigued. Neptune finds it hard to be self-disciplined, motivated and assured. What these individuals don’t lack is inner creativity, artistic talent, and healing ability, but they really do need to channel this energy constructively. Ordinarily, they may be unsure of their purpose in life, feel uncertain about who they are at various times, and suffer from a loss of identity.

The individuals born with a Sun-Neptune aspect in the birth chart have such a deep compassion and often feel love for everyone and is very upset by acts of cruelty. In fact, Sun-Neptune can identify with the victim themselves or the savior. Obviously, they have to be careful not to fall into the trap of martyrdom or of being a doormat. The individual feels at one with the world and cannot help identifying with the greater whole, and if they can find a suitable outlet for Neptune’s creativity, then it helps to keep them focused and fulfilled enough to achieve their highest ideals.

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