Exorcising Demons: Scorpio, Pluto and 8th House Themes

Pluto is the planet that holds our deepest, darkest fears and it is related to those things that are locked down below, hidden in the recesses of our mind and that need some form of release. Pluto is the signification of the things that torture us, seduce, and threaten to tear us to pieces. It signifies our neuroses and personal psychic conflicts.

Wherever Pluto is in our chart is often where we need to exorcise our own personal demons. In fact, Pluto in transit has often been dominant in times of violent behaviour, sudden explosive outbursts, deep depression, traumatic events, and actions were taken that seem to be so out of character. Defeo, the infamous Amityville murderer, fought his own personal demons with a Mars-Pluto conjunction sitting in his natal chart and the transit of Pluto over his natal Sun triggered something incredibly violent in his personality.

Transiting Pluto was passing over the Sun-Saturn conjunction in his horoscope at the time of his killings, and in astrological terms indicated the time was ripe for self-transformation and confronting limitations. This particular planetary configuration can also mean death of father/authority figure or depression and obsession and unhealthy patterns formed. With this whole transit, he was literally thrown into the depths of his complexes and psychological motivations, and nothing was taken at face value. The un-resolved conflicts re-emerging profoundly altered him and triggered his self-destructive behaviour. The man was possessed by Pluto. Astrologically Pluto signifies our inner demons, obsessions and compulsions. Perhaps he was overwhelmed with resentfulness towards his father, and rather than attempt to heal his pain, he destroyed it all. The Amityville Horror by The Astrology Place

Pluto is the planet that can possess both body and soul and rules over our deepest and darkest desires. In the past when something dark and wild had entered the personality they used to call them ‘evil spirits’ invading the human body, causing mental and physical illness, a demon possession. Now, psychologists refer to the term as complexes and they analyse the activation of repressed contents of a person’s psyche. It is believed that these demons have a lot of control over our fate (Pluto). Through early trauma, and complexes in the personality it is thought that when these repressed contents breakthrough they sweep out everything.

When the hidden parts of the personality reach a dangerous level of frustration it can turn a man into the ‘devil’. Pluto isn’t evil and it rules over the underworld, the covered and uncovered, ugliness, it buries, exhumes, purges and cleanses. It is believed that our unconscious and buried forces underneath if left repressed for too long gain enough power to destroy an individual’s fate, destroy the family, and to continue working down the family line like a curse of the atrides. Demons were often chosen to help people explain and understand their experiences. We often want to know how we can cast out our demons (complexes).

The devil was blamed for all of the miserable events that we have been subjected to and that form a large part of the human experience. Pluto works to strip us of our illusions, to reveal the bare bones of our psychology, to understand the true roots of who we are. No pretences are allowed in this realm, and who would want a whole life based on pretence. Nobody’s perfect, we all have scars, secrets, a dark side and things we think others would not accept. We could paint the ideal picture of how we want our life to be, but it’s not real. With Pluto authenticity is important, honesty, and the truth no matter how unacceptable.

The Pluto/Scorpio/8th house experience can be one of self-blame, feeling guilty and torn up inside over the things that have happened. We feel bad, shameful, beat ourselves up, and it is the part of us that feels defective and unworthy. These negative emotions inside include fear, hate, anger, anxiety, sadness, depression, despair, self-loathing, guilt, jealousy, etc. The more we suppress our emotions they grow bigger, stronger and more powerful and the cycle continues with all the crap we dump on each other. Relationships are often the prime dumping ground for all of our insecurities and past baggage that we can’t deal with. We don’t have to suffer alone with our pain we can share it with those we trust intimately.

The self-confrontation aspect of planets in Scorpio, aspecting Pluto, and in the 8th house are also closely linked to our gremlins, demons, monsters, bullies and parasites. A lot of names can be given to the intense, terrifying external force of Pluto. It represents the basement of our emotions and holds all of our self-defeating tapes from earlier childhood and negative messages that keep replaying such as the feelings of being worthless, underserving, powerless and our life gets blocked by all of these outworn feelings and thoughts and there comes a point when we need to take a new view of things.

Our lives are also frustrated by resistance to change in the ways we need to. We sometimes need to recognise when it is time to let go and move on. Wherever Pluto is in the chart is where our own personal demon lives, and at times it can possess us, take control, and we act out in destructive ways to ourselves or towards others. It is believed that through Pluto and the 8th house our destructive patterns are passed from generation to generation. They are usually formed through traumatic, adverse, life events and it’s where we feel stung by life. We feel a constant inner battle and a war within.

Where Pluto is in the chart is the place we feel vulnerable and it is often here that we learn our most important survival lessons. Through cyclic frustration by being blocked from the things that we desire we can become consumed by the things we really want. It can be where we feel at our most exhausted because this constant battle on the soil of our self-created circumstances has brought the very nature of our fate. It begins to wear the soul down and sometimes we reach a point of going numb inside. When one’s desires get out of control it results in all of those Pluto taboos in life such as rape, abuse, betrayal, greed, violence, manipulation, betrayal, etc.

The difficult situations and experiences that Pluto brings force us to look deep inside ourselves and self-confrontation always involves the death of something we may have believed and forces us to confront how true we are really being with ourselves. This is the confrontation with one’s own darkest shadow. We need to seek insight, explore our inner depths, and Pluto often reveals to us that we may be a whole lot different than the person we think we are. Pluto has an intelligent purpose and the highest possible wisdom for our soul’s development.

We may even unconsciously set-up situations so that our best efforts at happiness are destroyed. We may disrespect the values and beliefs of others. What we are aiming for is a far richer emotional experience. The mysterious power behind life, our destiny and a keener sense of the mystery of the person we really are warts and all.