Month: February 2014

Aries/Mars Famous Temper

Aries is labelled for having one of the worst tempers in the zodiacal circle. The symbol for Aries is interpreted

Neptune in 10th House

Those with Neptune in the 10th house may be drawn to careers that are inspirational, healing, or creative. Work in

Pluto in Scorpio

The planet Pluto entered the sign of Scorpio in November 1983. Apparently because of the shape of his orbit, every

Mercury in the 12th House

An individual with Mercury in the 12th house have introspective, obsessive and private thoughts, they may often be unable to

Mercury Trine Pluto

An individual with Mercury trine Pluto will tend to think about things in a deeper way than most people, and with

Pisces: Serve/Suffer

Pisces is born to either serve or suffer, and this is a popular phrase used by astrologers. To those born under this zodiac

Saturn and Chiron: Two Peas in a Pod?

Chiron was discovered in 1977 and astrologers slowly began their work to piece the asteroid’s astrological meaning together. The images,

The Astrology of Introverted or Extroverted: Introverted Water?

Jung’s typology is somewhat easy for all people to do. For example, if you have several planets in fire signs

pluto astrology

Pluto Aspects – Who are you Kidding?

According to astrologer, Liz Greene, the pretense that Sun-Pluto women will adopt to cover up another, more powerful personality is

Saturn and Pluto: The Human Shadow

Saturn and Pluto are two planets that have a lot do to with our shadow material, and their placements in