Pisces: A Fish Out of Water

3db202984a5fd7cf98fbced123725fb5It’s no secret that Pisces would rather go home to the spiritual abode. A Piscean is most commonly afflicted with what we call “soul-sickness.” They are deeply attracted to the mysterious heavenly realm, an otherworldly place beyond this reality. The usual characteristics present the sign as visual, dreamy, sensitive, vulnerable, and seeking transcendence. However, there is moodiness and waves of depression, which are glimpsed within these depths; it’s more of a cyclical experience rather than a constant state. But when it washes over them, it is an overwhelming force, a tidal wave advancing chaotically.

The Piscean can fall into awful states of just drifting through life. A Pisces longs to get lost in something greater than what ordinary life can offer. It is not spending time in this other-world which destroys the individual, it’s over-indulging. The power of the ocean is intense and holds an overwhelming pull, and it is one which is terribly hard to resist. The bittersweet melancholy, its longings, and profound sadness. Astrologers stress the importance of finding a daily routine and some kind of anchor in life, they need a day job and to socialize and be with others. It’s incredibly surreal how many Neptune people, overall, tend to suffer from allergies, oversensitive skin, asthma and increased sensitivity to the environment… A true fish out of water

The call of the water will always be one of  Pisces’ greatest struggles, and this attraction to the ocean is probably best described by the siren myth. The siren is a symbolic figure and is known as the fish-woman. Legend has it that the mermaid could play a song of such sweetness that cast a spell, enticing men and then she would devour her victim. It was believed to represent the taunting of our deepest longings leading to self-destruction. The enchanting music, beauty, bewitchment and the sea where the casualty is dragged irresistibly down. It is seen as the lower unconsciousness and the watery depths of the soul.

Pisceans are characterized by their beautiful eyes: hypnotic pools in which to drown. The gaze is often distracted, as though directed at other worlds. The typical complexion is pale; the face expressive and alluring. The body may be fleshy but exudes sexual attraction. The stance is languid and boneless, as though at any moment the body might drift away. The Astrology Bible: The Definitive Guide to the Zodiac