Pisces Purpose

By | March 26, 2014

The Pisces individual is getting in touch with the romantic dreamer archetype and is set on course to create something inspiring through the mystic arts, poetry, music, literary work, charity, spirituality, or to make intuitive leaps in their subject of interest. This is due to Pisces being the sign of the true mystic, drawn to all mysteries and they will often drift off into their limitless imagination. Art and magic come alive in a Pisceans world, and even the more practical areas of life are colored with more beauty, depth, and inspiration. Once Pisces has poured their heart and soul into something, it seems as if another powerful creative force swims around once more inside searching for further expression. This undeniable part of their inner-world is filled with an energy that can be super creative or downright destructive, sometimes both. No career will feel satisfying for Pisces, unless they can feel something on an inner level, as there is always a daimon within that is thought to be a divine, mediating, spiritual power pushing them towards a powerful fate.

Pisces is haunted throughout life with a vision of ideal beauty, and longings that demand release. It is the reason they become dissatisfied with earthly realities and limiting circumstances. Such types cannot betray this powerful voice of intuition as it demands to be felt and expressed. This Neptune sign is often called weak-willed, but the fishes are overpowered enormously by this other side, possessing an insatiable appetite for anything that will lift them out of the mundane world. The sign is dual and so the pull between heaven and earth makes it challenging to express themselves. Pisceans are dream-catchers, fishermen of the unconscious, and devotees of the spirit world. And they are developing their psychic gifts to the fullest. Often a crisis in the life of Pisces could involve the fish-like myth of being dismembered and emerging cleansed, healed and possessing gifts of wisdom and healing. In mythology the Fish swallow up and spit out heroes in a phase of purification (rebirth). Out of all the zodiacal signs, it is Pisces that is considered to have retained some memory of heaven and are in many ways still bound to paradise, but they will have an aversion to all the practical things on earth.

Pisces is close to everything symbolic of the ocean, and this includes the great lows and highs of their emotions. Water signs are also all about how something feels, and whether or not it stirs them underneath. So they naturally have the ability to infuse everyday life with more compassion, artistry, and sensitivity, making it more bearable for everybody else. Pisces is also a sign of service and many involve themselves in something that benefits others. Pisces’ purpose in life involves the development of understanding the needs of others, being tolerant, empathetic, and loving unconditionally. Although it is thought that Pisces may have its fair share of suffering, sadness and loss in order to develop this compassion for others. Psychologically they are bringing forth the sea, and will often seem an odd fit for a world focused on materialism – where dreams and intuition are not exactly talents one puts on their resume. Pisces is tied to the spiritual world, whether they like it or not. In this lifetime, Pisces has been given the key to all of the enigmas, and knowledge that extends into the great vastness of the waters, its depths, and creative gifts. Pisces also seek to salvage what has been lost and reach a greater understanding. Now, which way is the ocean?