Dream Big: Jupiter-Neptune

By | August 22, 2014
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The Jupiter-Neptune aspect is linked to any experience that broadens our awareness, such as the pursuit of knowledge, higher education and travel. Neptune stimulates Jupiter’s expansiveness and idealism and represents individuals who possess wonderful compassion, sense of idealism and dreamy nature. However, when Jupiter forms a hard aspect to Neptune it may cloud and distort Jupiter’s judgement and vision. For Jupiter-Neptune, reality (Saturn) is often a bitter pill to swallow.

You can often find a powerful religious tone to this natal aspect, and it is frequently found in the charts of preachers and religious workers, and any individual who may sacrifice themselves for a greater cause. When Jupiter and Neptune connect the individual needs to believe in something, and  without religious faith or beliefs, it can be a dark and bleak reality. According to atheist Richard Dawkins, he contends that faith is mere belief without evidence, a process of non-thinking. A practice he believes only degrades our understanding of the natural world by allowing us to make a claim about reality that is based solely on personal thoughts, and possibly distorted perceptions. Many Jupiterian’s and Neptunian’s would strongly disagree with his idea and view of life. Yet, the painful truth is that beliefs cannot always be proven, and there is some truth to his statement that belief is very often without evidence and this contact will truly ask the individual to believe.

Jupiter expands; therefore, its connections to Neptune increase sensitivity, physically as well as mentally and emotionally….Deep attractions to metaphysics as well as more ordinary expressions or religious belief and philosophical systems prevail. This contact can even indicate true mystics. A great many with this contact can find peace and contentment most easily by involving themselves in a search for inner truth that leads to living from the heart. True ethical behavior springs from a sense of kindness and compassion (Neptune) and justice (Jupiter), epitomized by the most positive expression of this contact. Celestial Psychology: An Astrological Guide to Growth and Transformation

Jupiter-Neptune can be fanatical in their beliefs, and have grandiose dreams. If these dreams fail, this often leads to great disappointment and disillusionment. Both Jupiter and Neptune are expansive energies and the tendency to overdo things is  here, along with a sense of being unrealistic. Perhaps they are a victim of their own psychology, believing and dreaming that they really can soar above the clouds and across the oceans. Often there is great impracticality, and excessive idealism, but there is also tremendous sensitivity present, and sometimes a great love of animals a compassionate nature and great humanitarian impulses. Sue Tompkins has described this aspect as having a misplaced belief in one’s own sainthood. However, when faced with the bleakest moments in our present, it helps to have these people around to inspire us to hope and dream for a better tomorrow.