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Over time, an acute awareness of beginnings and endings is instinctively sensed with an almost psychic sense when anything is about to come to an end.

With a Moon-Pluto aspect in the natal chart, there are intense feelings in the emotional life which are impossibly knotted and difficult to untangle. Everything on the inner-level is experienced as dangerous, and those threatening emotions are related to the darker depths and unknown realm of Plutonian profundity. Such a transformative intensity below makes it impossible to relate blandly or in a superficial manner. Everything becomes loaded with significance, and the person makes for an instinctive psychologist from the beginning.

Moon-Pluto’s emotions are extremely volatile, stormy, passionate and uncontrollable. The emotional life can be unusually demanding with consuming feelings underneath. The type will often feel an overwhelming sense of paranoia and overbearing neediness that can suffocate others in close relationship. The unleashing of pent-up emotions carried around for a long-time feels regenerated and anew after an intense, cathartic release. The Moon conjunct, square or opposite Pluto must confront emotions, and it usually demands a meeting with one’s dark side. Otherwise, toxic feelings can rise to the surface, perhaps years later, bursting out inappropriately, destroying relationships held dear. Difficult emotional moments often involve hateful feelings, jealousy, rage or resentment. Sometimes life-threatening betrayals and the nursing of wrongdoings, personal insults, and grievances are experienced.

There is no change from darkness to light or from inertia to movement without emotion. The woman whose fate it is to be a disturbing element is not solely destructive, except in pathological cases. Normally the disturber is herself caught in the disturbance; the worker of change is herself changed, and the glare of fire she ignites both illuminates and enlightens all the victims of the entanglement. What seemed a senseless upheaval becomes a process of purification.

Interpretations will often state that Moon-Pluto needs to make a fresh start in life, one that amends past mistakes. According to Paul Mahler Dam, the effect of Pluto is to redirect or refocus experiences, knowledge, and relationships, even reaching beyond birth into a previous experience. Since Pluto plays a significant role in the course of one’s destiny, the rich emotional rewards of this contact are amazing. The type will often make for a psychotherapist or healer and will function exceptionally well in crisis situations, sensing what is really going on under the surface. Pluto rules the deepest levels of the unconscious and it can also access parts of the mind that have been shut off from conscious awareness. The Moon-Pluto person needs to find a subject that fills the soul with complete passion, it has to be something to delve deeply into, for there is a sensitivity to things which are not seen or spoken

Moon-Pluto has a powerful psychic sense and could be interested in magic and the invisible realm. The ability to transform is another hidden talent and these natives do well as artists, actors or writers, anywhere where the depth of emotion is brought to the surface and new life is given.

Sometimes it helps to look more honestly at the mother, not in order to blame her, but to see what may have lurked beneath her surface. This can also make a difference. To realize that she may not have been the strong, self-sacrificing person one thought, but that she may have been deeply bitter and despairing, or perhaps even at the edge of a breakdown – that can be a shock, but unless one can perceive this dimension of her life, one will project all kinds of things onto her. I have heard people describe Moon-Pluto as “cold,” but Pluto is never cold. It can be vindictive, and can make the family suffer because the person has been so humiliated by the denial of emotional needs. But the “cold” mother needs a closer look. Depression is not mutually exclusive of love, and to recognise one’s mother may have been deeply unhappy during ones childhood does not automatically mean that she was unloving. But she may have been emotionally starving and turned to her child for solace from her unhappiness- which of course means turning the child into mother, while the mother is secretly the child…Moon-Pluto is not a “rare” aspect. It represents one of several typical family constellations….To use a rather brutal image, it is like drinking poisoned milk. The personal mother is the mediator of the archetypal mother for her child, and of she is wondering blind and despairing in the dark, then she will inadvertently mediate only the Dark Mother – which means, on a more human level and experience of life which is negative, hopeless, bitter, and bleak. The depression will come out in the child. Dynamics of the Unconscious: Seminars in Psychological Astrology Volume 2 (Seminars in Psychological Astrology, Vol 2)