With Pluto in the 1st house, you have an intense gaze and powerful persona, and you’re intensely aware of yourself. You will quite often have a powerful impact on other people – but may also alienate them. According to Arlene Robertson, “you often arouse feelings of uneasiness in others because of your quiet intensity. Underneath your veneer of assurance you may suffer from a sense of inferiority.” Yet, drawing on your own depth of determination and commitment, something within you is demanding that you find new ways to express yourself. Throughout life, you experience a rebirth of raw potential, will-power, and a restructuring of your personality. In your possession there is an unlimited inner strength and energy that overwhelms everything, so you can be quite a potent force for change, growth, and healing in the world. Dramatic changes in your life direction will be reflected in changes of hairstyle, clothing and even relationships. It will particularly reveal itself in the expression of your physical appearance and identity, for there is a deep intensity of self-expression, which tends to go to extremes and it can make more moderate souls feel uneasy.

Liz Greene says:

Pluto rising often have a series of incarnations. Their lives fall into distinct chapters, each of which has a recognizable beginning and ending. They are one way for a few years, doing a particular profession, wearing a particular kind of clothing, exhibiting a particular kind of personality, espousing a particular set of values. Then something happens – not always visible – and they become somebody completely different. They build a new personality out of the ashes of the old. The former life is gone forever, and something new starts which may go on for five or ten or twenty years. And the same thing happens again.

Textbook readings of this placement tend to focus heavily on your appearance since the 1st house relates so much to your outer being. But you needn’t take it too literally, planets here can relate more to the feeling, vibration, and aura that you project rather than a physical characteristic, yet there can also be something particularly striking about your looks.

Paul Mahler Dam says:

I was born with Pluto in the 1st house and have always wanted to better understand how this planet influences. The first descriptions of Pluto that appeared in German literature in the 1930s were very amusing. In a German book, I read about Pluto in the 1st house: “The native’s eyebrows meet in the middle. He has the features of a werewolf, and a hairy chest.” This annoyed me; I had always envied other men with hairy chests. Continuing, I learnt that I would be “a criminal who is addicted to black magic.” 

In terms of overall life themes with Pluto in the 1st house, you may need to deal with issues of power – your own and others. There is a powerful sense of personal survival, and you may also be an extreme individualist, but you can be hard to get know deeply. The world is not seen as a safe place, and you may keep tight control over yourself and others. Learning to use personal power appropriately is an issue. You resent being controlled, and this may perhaps cause you to go to extremes in asserting your will. This often results in power-struggles with others, but then you’re also profoundly influenced by strong and charismatic figures whom you model yourself after. Whatever you approach in life, you are inclined to be wholeheartedly and passionately involved in whatever stirs your being.  Wherever Pluto is placed in the natal chart it demands you get a life-changing makeover and don’t take anything for granted. So your real path to transformation often involves a journey to hell, a state of containment in the darkness, and eventually, a new beginning in all forms of your identity and how others perceive you.

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