Gemini – Houdini and Other Tricks

Gemini - Houdini and Other Tricks

With Gemini there is a large amount of duplicity associated with their nature, with unmistakable double traits and with so many people regarding the sign as “two-faced.”Geminis are associated with contrast and opposition, and often find themselves in an intellectual dilemma and must rely on his wits and trick his way out again. The dual personality is pictured in its glyph for and also reveals a back and forth restlessness. One of the key principles to understand Gemini is to recognize their need to gather information and disseminate it. Those born under this zodiac region have often been linked to teaching, journalism, the press, reporting and media studies. There is this great need to be at the centre of all new information, they have been called intellectual jugglers. Real-life twins often love to switch places and play tricks on others, while Gemini has also been thought to have an aptitude for games since they are so mentally clever. However, they do get fidgety and will always appear tricker-ish due to their incredibly changeable nature.

In mythology, Hermes/Mercury (Gemini’s planetary ruler) was often articulated to be scheming, and something of a criminal mastermind. The god could easily run rings around everybody else. Beyond all the mind trickery, artful dodger-ness, and Machiavellian nature, what Hermes really bestows on Gemini is a strong communicative ability and intelligent curiosity, along with a delightful sense of adaptability.

Gemini is often described as being a whizz with words and humour – endowed with the ability to get out of tricky situations. In life, while others remain stuck, this is the type of person who is quick, nimble and logical enough to think on their feet.  The jester and mental traveler lives on his wits. The individual loves to jest and amuse and is often full of witty remarks–a playful mischievous form of mental titillation. Gemini is drawn to practical jokes, brain teasers, anecdotes, jibes to the epigram. Lightness pervades their essential character, along with an eternal youth. Youth is also tied in with immortality and this is a powerful theme that runs through the story of Castor and Pollux, the twins, when mortal Castor is killed, Pollux splits his immortal self in order to save him, spending alternate days in Hades and Olympus. Hence, an important theme has developed and this has been felt as an inner division. One side of the personality, effervescently sparkling in light and often compared to a butterfly,  and then the heavy twin plunging deep down into a depressed state. Everybody is warned about Gemini’s twin side, along with a tricky personality:

Gemini is also recognizable because he’s often not where you last left him; and it’s common astrological knowledge that you can’t tie the Twins down with a heavy cord and expect this sylph of the air to remain with docility and patience until you give the cord a tug. More likely he’ll perform a Houdini-like trick and vanish before your very eyes, leaving you with the cord. Astrology for Lovers

The symbol for Gemini is the numeral roman number for two has also inferred an emblematical friendship. There will always be a childlike energy in spirit and something of a flirtatious nature that other heavier beings find hard to trust. A quite fidgety, nervous and fast talking type of personality in some cases. The airy type of personality also finds an important role as a critic, journalist, or any job that involves variety would be an absolute perfect fit. Gemini always seeks out the maximum of contacts and flits across as much information as they can lay their hands upon. Intellectual and interesting conversations are the life-blood of the Geminian personality, as well as other tricks…

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