Sun Conjunct Venus: Goddess of Love

tumblr_mq2v9rCNWG1qdi6omo1_500Sun conjunct Venus is self-expression and love, especially in the Aphrodite sense bringing beauty, pleasure, and value. In Greek mythology, Aphrodite was the goddess of love and she has been both loved and feared. Venus is devastatingly beautiful floating to the shore in a half shell in Botticelli’s painting being such a sight to behold that any man would fall under a love spell bewitched by her feminine charms. According to Evangelina Adams, Sun-Venus can make a glorious incarnation of light and beauty.

In art, she is always nude, reflecting her unashamed appreciation of erotic love and the sensual pleasures. Venus is powerful in her ability to strike both mortals and immortals with desire as she dealt with matters of the heart. However, the thing with our desires is that it is all a matter of taste and the ‘pulling power’ is often equally different for everybody, and represents those mysterious qualities that we are drawn towards in others, often they make no rational sense to family and friends and we can tell a lot about what stirs a person erotically just by analysing Venus on the horoscope.

Venus has started wars over love but is she really worth dying for and why is love such a troubling factor in so many lives? Many women dread losing their husbands to terribly seductive women who are like Aphrodite – creating jealousy and rivals. At times, we can become completely infatuated with someone against our better judgement and Venus holds the power to make us fall in love with art or objects that stir our senses. Venus has the ability to stir sweet longings within the soul and also conveys the energy of creation, love, balance and harmony.

The Greek Aphrodite is a beautiful figure adorned with precious jewels, and she was the essence of feminine loveliness and everything about her was charming. However, Venus also has a spiteful, jealous, vain, treacherous, lazy and vindictive side. The passions of the heart inflicted on man could cause them to betray their family, leave home, and commit terrible acts in the name of one true love. Aphrodite also protects union and allegiances and also marriage, as Venus represents the urge to be a relationship.

Those with Sun conjunct Venus feel the conscious self is strongly attuned to the love of beauty and refinement and possess an appreciation of music and art. It can show a powerful attraction to money and possessions, and denotes a personality that is loving and affectionate, giving positive and charming qualities. The need exists within Sun-Venus to feel valued as an individual; it is important to have significant relationships in life. In many ways, relationships are part of the individual growth, a journey and destiny. By the same token, lovers, others, and partnerships with reveal the essence of the self and often reflecting back the feelings of worth and innate beauty the individual feels in relationship to their unique sense of identity in the world.

Sun-Venus people want harmonious relationships, long for a balanced universe, and a greater unity in life. For a Sun-Venus type, the choice of hairstyle, clothing and jewellery need to be chosen carefully for they are a reflection of the way he or she identifies as an individual. Even the choice of style throughout the home and their passions and endeavours colour the deepest sense of their values. For Sun-Venus, relationships throughout life will mirror back their own unlived lives. Correspondingly, the person will recognise the need to incorporate passion, real values, and those qualities they admire in other people.