Pisces: The Ten Commandments

The ten deadly sins of Pisces. I am sure there are more evils to commit, so the list is kept short. Also, don’t forget that these descriptions are overly distorted and kind of like a caricature picture with over pronounced facial features. The interesting thing about astrology is that some of these character traits always come back around full circle and all can be in evidence at once in an individual. For example, Pisces, if they are alcoholics and addicted to drugs also lie and need to deceive others to get at their addiction. They often need to hide their habit and refuse to face reality and in such a situation they can be taken advantage of by others, and take others for a ride. Under the influence of generally being a Pisces, they are not discriminating and are easily seduced. We can continually circle around the same problems once we are trapped in the maze of Piscean dilemmas.

  1. Thou shall not live through compulsions such as alcoholism, drugs, and other means of escapism in an attempt to blur out reality. Pisces co-ruling planet is Jupiter and so there is a tendency to do things in excess. There is also dependence and co-dependency, with addictions that ravage both mental and physical health. The Disintegration of the personality often comes through experimenting with stimulants. Losing their sense of self in order to achieve a higher state of feeling. It is often also used as a way to forget about their daily problems.
  2.  Thou shall not be passive. Too much passiveness leads to self-destructiveness and ultimately self-undoing. Aimlessness with an addictive personality can be a lethal dose. Pisces at their worst tend to drift through life without concrete goals and end up achieving NOTHING. Here is a song that reminds me of Pisces when in this state.
  3. Thou shall not escape into daydreams and therefore use the imagination (like those who use drugs) as a means of avoiding reality. Pisceans hate tedious and monotonous routines. Restrictions placed upon them make them feel trapped, limited and bound to the material world. The first reaction is to swim away and avoid the problem. Practical matters tend to bore them silly, and they find it difficult to face facts. Pisces is pulled between the spiritual world and the worldly one, and they often attempt to live in both worlds simultaneously. Although, dreaming is not a bad thing, sometimes they become overly self-indulgent in this fantasy world and not enough time is spent in the real world.
  4. Thou shall not view life through rose colored glasses. Sometimes Pisceans don’t have the clearest view of people, it’s not that their intuition is off, but there is a of lack discrimination when choosing friends and lovers that can create a difficult situation. Thus, in extreme cases, they will give too much time and money away to hopeless losers. Pisceans have to set limits to who they give their sympathy to regarding humans. Being so empathetic and such an emotional whirlpool perhaps describes why Piscean sympathies rarely run dry. They become an endless source for the type of people that don’t want to help themselves.
  5.  Thou shall not be taken advantage of. Out of all the signs Pisces has the worst reputation for being a doormat. It could be down to the fact that these types are easily manipulated, although some Piscean types have been found to play on the sympathies of others in the same way. The multiple sign’s gullibility and taking the bait too easily leads to them being easily led on.
  6. Thou shall not be a shape shifter and display multiple personalities. Since Pisces is the chameleon of the zodiac, they constantly change color by absorbing the last person that they touched. Pisceans have the ability to identify with EVERYBODY and take on the qualities of others. They are like a giant sponge soaking up everything. Plus, those moods change rapidly and like the ocean that possesses a tranquil, sparkling and translucent nature the sea can turn murky and the emotions stormy.
  7. Thou shall not be easily seduced, we are back to the discrimination factor and these types can be caught hook line and sinker. The worst often occurs in their over active imagination, but the sign is considered to be weak willed with a tendency to be easily swayed by their emotions rather than judging how healthy a situation is.
  8. Thou shall not be confused; it’s not hard to spot this trait. The fish pulling in opposite directions represents this dichotomy. It is difficult for them to walk along a straight path when there are so many possibilities and clear-headedness is difficult, usually, a pocket of confusion exists somewhere in their life.
  9.  Thou shall not wallow in self-pity. Dissatisfaction, disillusionment and the inability to accept the real world can lead Pisceans to feel sorry for themselves. Don’t forget their sympathy is boundless and maybe more so when it hits close to home. Get out of your “I need to suffer to serve” mentality. Sometimes Pisces will carry too much guilt. It is often not their personal responsibility, but they tend to bear other peoples problems. Even on a collective level, they may feel guilty for not doing enough. Virgo would say that “every little helps” and sometimes that is enough. Pisces is prone to suffering far too easily and enduring things that they don’t need to experience.
  10. Thou shall not be deceptive. It is often said that truth is a gray area and pretty subjective. Pisces has been given multiple answers at their disposal. How are they meant to give a straight answer? However, I won’t defend the downright deceitful or the emotional manipulators and those that seduce others into believing those lies.