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Venus-Neptune: The Artist, Lover, Muse

Venus conjunct, square, trine or opposite Neptune is the aspect of the artist, there is extreme aesthetic sensitivity, and a profound feeling towards art and beauty. Venus-Neptune is the beauty sensory overload with powerful feelings of awe and pleasure. Love is highly coloured, full of emotion, adoration and compassion all combined. All of these transformational ingredients place love in its highest context and somewhere close to the heavenly ideal. It is in the Venusian area that the individual is in touch with their spiritual nature, and love, art and the whole aesthetic realm have the power to transform the individual.

Venus-Neptune in aspect holds the power to unify and harmonize. Moreover, it can be wonderfully poetic, loving, compassionate and perceive in a partner some kind of saviour. Venus-Neptune can reveal itself through love with sacrifice, and maybe one saves the other from drowning, and is forever changed by the experience. The deep longing for beauty and perfection is a strong part of their character and the individual is drawn to anyone who fits the fantasy. Neptune can often wrap itself around some object, either physical or ideological and believes in this longed for ‘something’ that isn’t always easy to articulate will make the individual blissfully contented. Make no mistake, we all have Neptune in the chart and we are all longing for something.

Venus-Neptune may be the sweetest of all aspects, especially concerning beauty in its heightened and amplified form, awakening the mystical and devotional nature of the individual. Venus in astrology rules relationships and is the planet that tends to see points of likeness and what we have in common. With Neptune in the picture it is the soul-mate bond which is deeply yearned. The emotional boundaries in relationships are melted away and there is a magical and enchanting feel to love, and when these exceptionally high ideals meet with sobering realities it translates into a sense of disappointment. Neptune can get us drunk, seriously drunk on love. Indeed, amour can be the liquor of choice for Venus-Neptune and its effects on the psyche are addictive.

The dream of love and its emotional infatuation often bring with it a tsunami of feelings that hit with full force. Neptune is darkly seductive and it can drag even the earthiest of types under, casting a magical spell over its victim. We are always inspired to raise the frequency of love when Neptune is involved. The Venus-Neptune individual longs for love to lift them out of reality and touch paradise. Wherever Neptune is we sometimes pursue the unobtainable, unable to accept reality. The flesh and blood and humanly flawed side of human beings is not always welcomed as Neptune seeks the divine. Romantic illusions can be projected and ultimately lead to dissatisfaction. Venus-Neptune is extremely dreamy and romantic and exceptionally giving and there can also be a psychic bond with partners as they are also extremely responsive soaking up their needs and feelings.

On the other side, Neptune can be blinding and gullible. Venus-Neptune embodies the cliché “someday my prince will come “and when he is snagged, they often find that the “happily-ever-after” requires work. In many ways, the Venus-Neptune lover is this lovely mermaid from the deep with her romantic-fantasy and themes of love circling around enchantment and the oceanic waters are where love dwells. Love is a plunge into feelings into the realm of seaweed, fishes and bubbles. Venus-Neptune’s love can seem magically fated and there is always the search for the ideal mate.

Back in the sixteenth and seventeenth century, love was described as a strong illness, or powerful force impossible to resist. The terms mad-love and love-fever and love-melancholy were commonly used. Alan Oken refers to Venus-Neptune types as falling into addictive traps in their relationships and also that this combination produces a great love of beauty in all its forms. Venus-Neptune falls into illusions, idealization, beauty and transcendence. The other-worldliness of love, captures the heart of the Venus-Neptune native and it is difficult to let go of such an immense feeling.