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06d7d14797ab3846682544d0a8aa952cAn individual with Mercury in aspect to Neptune possesses the ability to integrate the conscious and the unconscious sides of the mind. The verbal communication can reveal psychic connections and the ability to “tune in” to others thoughts. This is, of course, done on the subliminal level, but it usually gives the individual amazing imaginative power and sensitivity in communication. In astrology, Mercury rules the mental aspects showing modes of communication, language and revealing how a person connects information. A lot of our school experiences are reflected by this planet, and those encounters affect our affairs today. and it can also show sibling relationships. In childhood, the imaginary element of this contact blurred the lines between truth and reality, or the mind was used as a way to retreat from reality.

Sometimes a particularly powerful Mercury-Neptune aspect when acting unfocused could be accused of being in an acute confusional state, or just plagued with disorganization. Also, this is an aspect which is especially prone to misunderstandings in life, and the person can often feel a difficulty in explaining themselves clearly, with some trouble in communicating, with many feeling as if they are misheard, or their words don’t adequately express the depths of their inner thoughts. This is usually the difficulty with a such a contact, along with a heightened sensitivity to criticism, Sometimes it may be difficult to get a straight answer from Mercury-Neptune as the individual is plugged into a world which is hard to elucidate and the heartache of this contact can enact itself in a great sadness around being unheard. Moreover, what they saying does not always come across clearly and creates a separate feeling, even if on the whole this is a mind that crosses boundaries and can relate on many levels.

Words can be frustrating and filled with emotional complexity, and sadly being perceived as less intelligent than they really are. However, what is most often found is a talent in some area of writing or ability to perceive hidden dimensions. The best areas for the individual are delving into creative tasks, using their intuitive sensitivity, and the mystical side of life can be a good outlet as the there is an attraction to anything mysterious.The mind being so easily attuned to those around them, often reflects some difficulty in distinguishing their own thoughts and the thoughts of others. The mind can easily change colours to suit the environment and is highly absorbent, easily picking up on unspoken clues and divining meaning, assessing things on a higher plane.

Neptune in the horoscope is often where we need to retreat and it is our refuge, paradise, a garden of Eden and the mind may symbolize a place where Mercury-Neptune can’t be pinned down. Many refuse and avoid dealing with facts, figures and science and anything requiring mental discipline, living in a world of mental unboundness. Often there can be trouble remembering things at important times, such as on the telephone and misplacing things, being unable to locate the object; it can all make the individual feel as if they have lost their mind on occasion. The soul may find it difficult dealing with practical matters, and can lose the ability to focus and concentrate, hopelessly lost in chaotic thoughts.

The mind floats off into transcendent thinking; the perceptions are limitless and the contact favours spiritual subjects as the individual is open to all things in the occult realm, mystical area and unknown territory; ideas and information derived from a higher source. along with delving into art, music, poetry and gaining knowledge from realms difficult for some people to access. The verbal skills are usually sensitive, compassionate and there is a subtlety. The imagination is fertile, and sometimes their communication carries a profoundly prophetic nature and sensitivity to colours, sound and the invisible realm. They can slip boundaries using the mind and unconsciously read another’s thoughts, but this also means a wandering mind, which is endlessly absorbing all kinds of information and the mind is open to all kinds of imagery, all sorts of impressions and there is often too much input. Overall, once they can come to terms with their sensitive mind and accept there is some difficulty with having an over perceptive ability and practice ways to keep the mind focused, it can be a wonderful contact for all forms of artistic, emotional and psychic intelligence.