Scorpio: Life is a Battlefield

scorpio astrologyIf any person dares to cross your Scorpionic soul, you return with the face of a murderer! Okay, that was probably extreme, but you’ll often let others innocently believe that all is fine when, in fact, you’re somewhere in control – in secret, and with evil designs. In truth, however, there are lower and higher expressions of any sign and we can have the negative serpent type, clothed with bad intentions, along with the incredibly healing and transforming serpent with penetrating insights like no other.

It can never be denied that as a Scorpio you will have a passion for justice, particularly when a specific person has wronged you. A highly deserved sting. In the end, I truly believe for the Scorpion to conquer the self is better than to win a thousand battles. As you know, there is often a continual battlefield with your desires, compulsions and deep attractions. In the pursuit of your passions, you’re driven by strong feelings of wanting to have something, someone or wishing for something to happen, but this, knowingly or not, reveals to others that one of the most powerful signs of the zodiac, possesses such terrible weaknesses.

As a Scorpion, you will dig below the surface and decipher life, illuminating its meaning, reading into events, that are not easy to understand. Nothing is ever better than finding out what makes people tick, because with that comes the power of knowing when to hold em, and when to fold em, and knowing when to walk away. You are amazingly adept at sussing things out. As your zodiacal sign rules over all things hidden, you penetrate deeper by realizing that no one ever does anything for no reason, whether or not they’re aware of the reason. Nothing happens in a vacuum, even something that seems to be triggered by a random external event is something that’s been evolving for years, although unaware until that moment. For you, what makes others interesting lies in the revealing of the things we don’t say out loud. Psychology is basically unearthing the motivations that lie beneath what we do, giving it depth, meaning and relevancy.

You will grapple with the myriad enigmas, puzzles, and contradictions inherent in mystery, or more properly, the mysteries of human life. You are known to be secretive as well as to know the secrets of others. Some experts in psychology believe it is highly dangerous for our internal system to keep quiet, silent, and undisclosed – even more traumatic than having experienced the event per se. In any event, your Scorpionic mystique is magnetically attractive, but others do have to watch out for your proclivity to strike out unexpectedly. When it comes to your real feelings they’re wrapped, coiled, spun in the darkness of your being, and rarely revealed. You have the knack for really getting under other people’s skin, to the roots of their feelings, so relationships can get t/horny. Also, being with you can mean experiencing life taken to its lowest levels and being in a place of conflict with them, and then coming up positively regenerated.

It is as if God’s question to you was not, “Can you be deep?” That one was already answered and the answer was yes. God’s question was, “Now that we’ve made you this deep, can you handle it, can you cope with it, can you find a way to live gracefully with material that scares the pants off most of the human population?” Stephen Forrest’s SUN SIGNS