Month: June 2015

The Astrology Houses: A Cyclic Journey

Each of the twelve houses represents a different area of life, and describes the unfolding of the human psyche and

Saturn: Shadow and Rejection

With of all of its other various expressions from self-control, dreariness, and individual karma, the planet Saturn is symbolic of

The Labors of Hercules by Alice A. Bailey

Astrology interpreted through the use of ancient mythical trials The Labors of Hercules is written by Alice A. Bailey and is

Moon: Soul and Reflection

The Moon in astrology represents the innermost mystery of the soul, and it relates much to the emotional concerns of

Pisces: The Collective Call

The symbol of Pisces – two fishes swimming in opposite directions – is a fitting description of a fundamental human

Sun: The Art of Living

The Sun in astrology symbolizes an all-powerful vitalism, representing the vital force in all human beings. The power of this

Mars-Jupiter: Magic Bullet

Jupiter expands the energy of Mars, and this can act in a number of ways. For starters, there is usually