Month: July 2015

Pluto in Sagittarius

Question: What happened while Pluto was in Sagittarius? You’re in luck. I just happen to have my history book at

Gemini’s Short Attention Span

Gemini is famous for their short attention span and can be called something of a “mind hopper”. The soul’s curiosity

Ascendant: A Soul Ascending

According to Dane Rudhyar, “The Eastern Angle (left side of the chart) is called the Ascendant because it represents the

Jungian Astrology

Jung believed that the symbols on the astrological chart provided great insight into the workings of the human psyche. Jungian astrology

Moon-Jupiter – Mother

Question: Is the Moon-Jupiter motherly experience associated with all things good? Would this also describe a positive encounter with Mother?

Moon in Fall: Scorpio

Question: Why is the Moon in Fall in Scorpio? The sign of the Scorpio is the most ‚Äúuncomfortable” place for

Progressed Moon in 12th House

When the Progressed Moon moves through the 12th house it is usually leading us towards collective moods, transcendent states, and

Astrology: Opposite Signs

Question: Which Opposite signs are not so opposite? The opposite signs are deeply fascinating and confront us with this stark

Saturn Opposite Mercury Transit

Question: Saturn opposite Mercury Transit – does this mean that its influence, relates to problematic and difficult communication? When Saturn


Question: Can We Ever Change Our Horoscopes?

Question: Can we ever change our horoscopes? In the scheme of the universe, the motions of the heavenly bodies are