Jungian Astrology

By | July 28, 2015

2413349Jung believed that the symbols on the astrological chart provided great insight into the workings of the human psyche. Jungian astrology does give us a modern way of interpreting a chart, but it’s real power lies in its ability to bring greater self-knowledge and awareness of the unconscious factors underlying our life experience. As Liz Greene says, “astrology can not only tell us about the self we know but also about the one we do not know.”

But what if we suppose that what astrology determines are that we have Moon in aspect to Pluto and that we tend to be emotionally volatile. We will probably agree that the knowledge of this fact does not necessarily stop us the next time something really gets under our skin. If anything, now we have a cosmic reason for our behavior. I think, however, that learning astrology gives us this kind of consciousness so that we have the power to make conscious choices about our behavior and how we react to the behavior of others. The study of the horoscopic chart and psychology can lead us to deeper levels of understanding. In the case of Moon-Pluto, perhaps, then, we can redirect our powerful instinctive and emotional energies into constructive channels, which helps us to shift gears and place ourselves in the ‘driver’s seat’ of our emotional life. We can quickly learn how to stop negative emotions spiraling out of control.

2413349Astrology is about living, here and now, in the twentieth century, and we are in for a fairly long wait before the people who reject the subject out of hand open their eyes and ears and allow their stiffened egos to lower the barrier and simply ‘listen.’ The ones who have already decided that it doesn’t ‘work’ are the ones who refuse to look beyond their noses to what is happening in and around them, the situations for which they are responsible, the people they attract and the messes they create through continually blaming others. All of the myriad forms that life constitutes can be found lurking somewhere on the birth chart, under the skin of the individual himself. Both depth psychology and its older sister astrology point to the real selves trying to get out and finally see the light of day…Jung’s work is a useful companion to horoscopic interpretation in that the fundamentals are very much the same, only its language is different. Depth psychology and astrology ought to be used in cooperation with one another when looking at charts because it is obvious that they complement one another. Jungian Birth Charts

Astrology is cool and mysterious and we really do become our charts more as we get older realizing more parts of ourselves, finding ever greater expressions, and always viewing life from another angle. Jung always spoke of our drive towards self-perfection. It is what motivates us most of the time. We feel this powerful urge for growth, and as humans, we are forever evolving, always working out in the psyche things that must be worked out.

The potential of the average person is like a huge ocean unsailed, a new continent unexplored, a world of possibilities waiting to be released and channeled toward some great good. Brian Tracy