2413349 Jung always spoke of our drive towards self-perfection. It is what motivates us most of the time. We feel this powerful urge for growth, and as humans, we are forever evolving. In the Jungian schema of things, we are all considered to consist of both conscious and unconscious elements. In typology, the strongest element is our most conscious. The opposite element to our dominant is considered inferior in the personality. So if WATER dominates a horoscope, the traits of AIR would fall into a more archaic type of expression and into the shadow. Of course, this is a deeply psychological way to view our personality, but it can unlock more information about ourselves that we never realized.

By knowing our dominant element, it will also explain how we move about in life. Stephen Arroyo presented another modern and soulful approach to this area in Astrology, Psychology, and the Four Elements. The author goes into detail about the way we orient ourselves through the world, and we can find what truly vitalizes us as human beings. He believes that we can use our dominant energy for good or ill. To conclude, as Liz Greene says, astrology can not only tell us about the self we know but also about the one we do not know.