Mercury-Jupiter: The Idea Gallops Ahead

Jean Cocteau, French artist, poet, novelist, critic, playwright, painter, and illustrator, wrote in his book: “The idea gallops ahead. When it stops and looks back, it sees me flagging behind.” The author had Mercury opposite Jupiter. This contact, of course, indicates horsing around since Jupiter rules the centaur sign of Sagittarius. Moreover, Mercury represents all forms of communication – thoughts, ideas, and writing. This aspect is related to a hunger for knowledge and understanding. The course of learning can carry on throughout the individual’s life. It would seem that education, being intelligent, and attaining more information is important.

The energy of this aspect manifests as an exaggerated mental activity and a need to understand what things mean. Many folks with Mercury-Jupiter in the natal chart, involve themselves in activities that require them to disseminate knowledge. We often find Mercury-Jupiter types, who possess a fiery dynamism when it comes to studying or expressing ideas. Both Mercury and Jupiter are associated with travel and movement, and this can signify a mind forever roaming, especially towards growth, seeking out the elevating, uplifting, opening and expanding. The mental horizons of this individual are broadened giving them incredible farsightedness.

Since our mental perceptions are vitally important, it offers something bigger, enhancing optimism, and it awakens the natural curiosity, especially in higher learning, philosophy, and world culture. Indeed, they may get carried away and by their own thoughts, with this strong feeling for intellectual adventure. The thinking can roam far afield into multiple areas of interest, and there needs to be a sense of purpose and significance. There is usually a good ability to learn, for the mind is full of wonder, and this is the eternal student. The individual is usually aware of the many aspects of life, the focus is on readily gathering knowledge, and learning must provide an element of fun. Many Mercury-Jupiter types chase the latest craze, and the person is excited to learn; everything is about discovery, using intuitive intelligence, and finding the truth.

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