Moon-Jupiter – Mother

Question: Is the Moon-Jupiter motherly experience associated with all things good? Would this also describe a positive encounter with Mother?

With any lunar aspect in relation to our mother, there is no aspect which says this is a “good” mother or “bad” mother. Some people are certainly bound to experience some of those happy feelings concerning a female nurturer in the family. As far as Moon-Jupiter goes in life, there are various happenings in different spheres. In fact, some folks have expressed  a feeling with the mother that she was OTT, over confident and filled with self-importance. A boastfulness can be present and maybe someone who likes brag a lot. Of course, these are the most negative emotions associated with this female image. Others have felt she shirked responsibility and this ties up with the planet Jupiter. In mythology, Jupiter was good at making babies, was the king of the gods, and the ruler of Mount Olympus. However, he never stuck around to raise them. Sometimes he would pay a visit when they needed help, and would turn up with gifts.

A Moon-Jupiter mother could also mean that she imbues life with optimism and is always searching for answers to life’s big questions. In a positive way, the mother can be religious, philosophical, well educated, from a foreign country or otherwise possess a powerful urge to go travelling and embark on some quest. To live in a world of meaning encompasses her soul, and she is in possession of an adventurous spirit. Freedom is usually loved and so some Jupiterian parents get a “bad rap” for not sticking around through the tough times. However, other Jupiter-like caretakers may take a positive approach to aspects of parenting. A Moon-Jupiter figure loves to learn all about other cultures and longs to be exposed to a wide range of ideals and perspectives. The expansion of knowledge could be an important factor and they love to stretch the boundaries.

Such a woman is not really at home with petty jealousies and insecurities. The mother could also be a real personality, humorous, and with a good outlook on life. She may be a magnet for romantic and sexual attention, and could be a massive flirt. A happy-go-lucky personality could be beaming out of such an aura, and she possesses a feisty personality and generosity of spirit.  It could reveal a mother at the centre of social popularity and signify an individual who must live life to its fullest and answer the call of a risky venture. Less happily, she could be a religious fanatic and take her beliefs as absolute truth and can be overbearing as a personality. A mother caught up in explorations, promiscuous behavior, and it might be difficult to seek emotional security. Avoiding the habitual and predictable; she is restless and becomes bored easily with any mind-deadening routine. In some cases, she may be absent and travels back home, offering stories and fun, but never stays for a long time. This could also be a mother with high principles and she could be judgy and possess unconscious haughtiness and an “I am God” attitude. There could be powerful feelings of entitlement and a self-righteous attitude. Other archetypal themes with mother could entail being a gypsy, anthropologist, philosopher or scholar.