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Question: Is the Moon-Jupiter motherly experience associated with all things good? Would this describe an extremely positive encounter with Mother?

With any lunar aspect in relation to our mother, there is no aspect which says this is a “good” mother or “bad” mother. Some individuals are certainly bound to experience some of those happy feelings concerning a significant female nurturer. Those with this aspect have expressed a feeling with the mother that she was OTT, overconfident or filled with self-importance. Feeling that mother shirked responsibility and resented the dutiful role of bringing up a family. Equally a Moon-Jupiter mother could signify a woman who imbues life with optimism and is always searching for answers to life’s big questions. In a positive way, this female figure is religious, philosophical, well educated, or possesses a powerful urge to go traveling and embark on some quest. It’s important for this female spirit to live in a world of meaning that encompasses the soul, and to stay in touch with an eternally adventurous and freedom-loving spirit within. Jupiterian parents often get a “bad rap” for not sticking around through the tough times. Yet there plenty Jupiter-like caretakers who take a positive approach to aspects of parenting and inject so much fun, life, and color into the home.

A Moon-Jupiter mother figure is not always comfortable with petty jealousies, possessiveness, and insecurities. Usually, this woman s a real personality, humorous, and has a good outlook on life. This often makes her an irresistible magnet for romantic and sexual attention and could indicate a massive flirt. This combination is the happy-go-lucky personality, beaming, the centre of social popularity. Less happily, this female figure could be a religious fanatic taking personal beliefs as absolute truth, overbearing, or caught up in explorations, perhaps promiscuous behavior. Anything habitual and predictable is avoided due to an inner restlessness and becoming bored easily with a mind-deadening routine. In some cases, this Jupiter figure is absent and travels back home, offering stories and fun, but never stays for a long time.

Jupiter can be in the 10th house, or in strong aspect to the Moon, or the Moon can be in Sagittarius. Certainly the mother can embody the spirit of Zeus, in which case she is puella, the eternal girl for whom marriage, children and domestic responsibilities are really a kind of death. Liz Greene.