Question: Can We Ever Overcome Astral-Influence?

Question: Can we ever overcome astral influence?

The only way of having more control over astral influence is by raising consciousness. Possessing a higher view of things is commonly thought to change our reactions to people, events, and situations; hopefully also altering the outcome. Nonetheless, even if we are using some kind of Jedi mind-trick to exert our own influence, the planetary rays will continue to beam down. It is kind of why astrology works, there is ‘something in it.’ In the scheme of the universe, the motions of the heavenly bodies are bound up with our fates; there is some relationship between the stars and human beings. ‘As above, so below,’ as the ancients used to say. The horoscope is basically a map of our lives, it also describes what sort of person we are, and what sort of person we can become. We are all contracted to these universal blueprints, more commonly known as our horoscope charts, and these are impressed upon us at birth. It appears we are hard-wired to the influence of the planets for life. The good news: we are all in the same boat together with every plant, animal, human and object on earth, anything that has ever come into being.

Constellated by Symbols

Everything is influenced by the planets and we are all constellated by these symbols. The only freedom we are offered is increased awareness and this only happens through awakening our capacity to consciously shape our reactions. While we can’t fundamentally change the horoscope, we can work towards being the best version of the self – possible. We are not robots or machines, and we possess souls.

Lois De Wohl stated:

Let us get this straight from the start; it is not prophecy. It is dealing not with certainties, but with tendencies. It has a fairly wide margin for error – but it works.”

Some critics despise astrology, feeling humanity should be liberated from this fatalistic, deterministic belief that the stars compel. However, astrology doesn’t promote a fated outlook, and deep down it is about self-awareness and the possibility of a greater consciousness; this could massively alter the direction of our lives. Astrology is this whole new level of reality and everybody is a unique part of this universe, with all humans feeling interconnected with space. Astrological study is fascinating as we observe the many different personalities unfolding through all of the cycles; human beings naturally move along with the astrological tides. The cycles of life are fascinating to observe, and we are bound up in its movements because life is always moving. A universe is a wondrous place filled with mystery, unanswerable questions, and we are all growing toward something.

In the beginning there was only one Being. Without name, without shape, without limits, without beginning or end, being the eternal substance and the eternal void. In time (although there was no time) she became aware of her self, and of vague patterns of light and dark. She conceived a desire to know herself, to see what she was. She the vastness of space and galaxies forming and dying. She watched nebulae exploding; she felt the incandescence inside the stars; she was aware of the dark absences in space. She saw the stars that encircled each other, planets encircling stars, moons encircling planets. She saw meteorites, asteroids and comets moving through space. She saw one spiral galaxy, and on its outer arm she watched a particular star, encircled by planets.. She watched one planet as it cooled and she saw a Moon moving around it. She watched the Moon set and the Sun rise. She gazed at her self that was revealed in the light of the Sun.. The Knot of Time

The Occult Influence

If we didn’t have the planetary motions affecting us on Earth, would anything advance? Left to our own devices, we don’t know how this would have played out; how everything might have evolved if this is even possible without being part of a giant cycle. In fact, we could feel horribly disconnected from this vast cosmos, and maybe this would be a sadder reality. The question beckons… Are we all marionettes? I don’t believe this to be the case. For every action, there is a reaction and it is a two-way thing.

“Simple and easy but beautiful theory, which presumes the same sympathetic power which causes the iron and magnet to attract each other,…the same occult influence which drives the frantic herd about the pastures; which provokes the gadfly to vex the steed;…which seizes with fits of temporary madness the owl and raven; which affects the brains of the maniac or which circulates through all living nature, pervading all living nature, disquieting all; this universal sympathy or instinct (for all instinct is sympathy) is neither more nor less than secret but powerful influences of the heavenly bodies. Raphael.

In The Cycles of Heaven, this work takes an extensive examination into the reasons why the universe appears to be influencing us. It details the many reasons astrologers might believe astrology works and this is through magnetism, the solar wind, electromagnetism, and resonance.

“Earthly life is bound by invisible threads to the cosmos, both near and far. To be subjected to the cosmic effects, man does not have to be shot into space. He does not even have to leave his room.”

Some spiritually inclined astrologers believe that the more we know about astrology, the less it works. While awareness is key, it has never really stopped many people from feeling depressed under a Saturn transit. However, the experience usually forces us to question our deeper values and to find the alchemical gold within. With astrology, it is always a process of learning and an opportunity for development. We are not all born equal, but we should not become complacent, and everything can be transformed.