tumblr_n73b11DeQW1qlwrezo1_500The Sun in the horoscope shows the center of an individual, that is to say, it reveals the core of any person. It lies at the foundation of the personality revealing what we are really passionate about and how we need to operate and align more deeply with the ‘Self.’ Jung believed this nucleus of the soul could not be described, but it is usually a set of qualities we possess. The Sun Sign describes some of our values along with representing our personal growth towards such character traits. It will also give us a good, strong sense of who we are. It has its own unseen intelligence, illuminating a pattern in our life, and giving us a sense of meaning. The Sun can also show our talents, along with the creative side of our being, for this reason, it shows what can be developed. We must secure continuity in its expression as it is the outer personality that we present to the surrounding world.

This luminary is symbolic of a journey of self-discovery. Expressly, it urges us to become more in touch with our story, thereupon, following a path that is true and leading us towards what we are destined to live out in this lifetime. The Sun also brings us to the relationship with our father and he resonates something about our own development, as he is the ultimate model for how we experience the masculine part of our nature.

The solar part of the chart rules all future development and lies at the center of our individual psyche, our basic experience, and self-hood. It symbolizes our sense of autonomy and will show if we express who are with warmth and enthusiasm or whether we are heavily guarded as an individual, revealing little about our character. The Sun is our sense of light, vitality, inner-fire and eternal flame within, representing the creative cosmic principle and a powerful sense of “I.” When it has freedom of expression the person will express more of their true nature. If the Sun is blocked by planets such as Saturn or Pluto; such individuals may feel a lack of energy or self-assurance and hide their individuality.

The Sun needs to shine and affirm its identity and is a symbol of our individuality. We also get a sense of being a unique and worthwhile person. Sadly, most people are not living out their Sun and will forsake developing their own creative potential. Often there is a sense of finding our true vocation and experiencing the sense that we are one with creation, a vital part of the divine. This is where our Rose blooms at the core. The Sun is a central part of our solar system, and it embodies all the characteristics which need to become more distinct, and singular within our magnetism and sense of presence.