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An individual with the Moon sextile Mercury in aspect has an easy understanding of information. The intellect and intuition are pleasantly combined, and the absorption of knowledge is associated with this pairing. The type will often be drawn to books, information, learning, and will seize upon anything interesting if it engages both the mind and the soul. It must illuminate their mental world with potential learning experiences and contain something which will feed their insatiable curiosity. In other words, there is a love of all that is new, clever, ingenious, and anything with lots of intellectual stimulation.

With Moon sextile Mercury, the personal life is surrounded by things to read. The person has many outlets for their inquiring mind: writing, documenting, diary-keeping, and other forms of communication. A sensitivity and kindliness in conversation or in response to the ideas of others create a profound emotional rapport. It can be best described as a caring and thoughtful nature, usually in need of supportive and sympathetic communication.

The person may be attracted to those who share their appreciation for knowledge, and the type reflects deeply on everything intellectual. With a starry-eyed view of learning, the ability to recall information is usually above average. The emotions and intellect function harmoniously and will keep the type up-to-date on many subjects of interest. Moreover, similar to the way human beings feel transfixed by staring at the Moon in the night time sky, the individual can mesmerize an audience. Moon-Mercury is likely to have an interest in talking about the past, domestic affairs, or everyday matters. In fact, there is a ‘feel’ for transmitting the right information and an intuitive timing and understanding of the public

A Moon sextile Mercury aspect combines the art of communication and feeling. Charles Carter describes this contact as a good one for all mental matters and for conveying ideas. The inner-knowing of things can contribute to developing an acute perception of the world. Moon sextile Mercury unconsciously picks up information in the environment, but there is a need to relax. The person constantly solves problems, organizers details, and subconsciously seeks to enhance their communicative abilities, writing skills, or verbal potential.

moon sextile mercuryIt is easy and natural for the personality born under a harmonious aspect between the Moon and Mercury to make conversation and to be interested in their immediate surroundings. With the ability to logically approach the feelings, there is a good common sense. The Moon sextile Mercury person is a vessel of great advice and understands many different considerations of an issue, intuiting a way to resolve a difficulty. It is something of a rare talent to balance the head and the heart in this way. The person is also engrossed in words, especially verse and creative stories. Eeceptive to thoughts, concepts, and the general expression of anything interesting, adding to any knowledgeable area.